Is a decent pair of laid-back shorts too much to ask for? Nope. Our Run-Around Shorts deliver a clean-cut fit with room where you want it. We added a drawstring to the elastic waistband for extra security and comfort.

Willy is cut for a slimmer fit so please order one size larger if a relaxed fit is desired.

  • Details
  • 48% Supima Cotton  |  47% Micromodal  |  5% Spandex
    Side Pockets

    Made in California

  • Color
  • Pendleton | Light Gray Solid
    Venice | Cobalt Solid
    Malibu | Light Blue Solid

  • Size & Fit
    S 31" 38” 10”
    M 33” 40” 10”
    L 35” 42” 10”
    XL 37” 44” 10”
    XXL 39” 46” 10”
  • Care
  • Machine wash cold with like colors and tumble dry low. Non-chlorine bleach when needed.

  • Info
  • What Are the Willy California Run-Around Shorts?

    Imagine your favorite tee shirt turned into shorts. Meet our 303 Run-Around Shorts. No moisture-wicking and minimal spandex - just pure comfort. The feedback to date has been incredible. Every wardrobe needs a pair of shorts that does not come with the pressure of feeling like you need to go to the gym or do a five mile hike. Chilling out or lounging is still OK.

    At Willy California, we let our products name themselves. No technical mumbo jumbo, just common sense. Our Workout Shorts are for working out, our Nicer Shorts are for “nicer” occasions and our Run-Around Shorts are for... running around. Busy days, errands, lying on the couch or even a stop at the gym - the Run-Around Shorts are built for purpose.

    The fabric that we used for the Run-Around Shorts was originally purchased and engineered to make the world’s softest polo shirt. Quite honestly, we overshot the mark on softness. Supima Cotton, Micromodal are incredible fabrics on their own, but the combination is next level. The prototypes for the shirt we made were great but the fabric was so soft that it almost felt gummy. Too much hang and a little too drapey for a shirt. This is where the Run-Around Shorts were born.

    Why Are the Willy California Run Around Shorts So Amazing?

    The Run-Around Shorts are the most comfortable shorts in our line. In fact, these shorts are the most comfortable shorts in anyone’s line. And that is saying a lot. At Willy we are all about marrying comfort with functionality. Here the marriage was easy because the goal for functionality was comfort as well so we were marrying comfort and comfort. Mission accomplished. 

    Everything about the Willy California 303 Run-Around Shorts is designed for comfort. The fabric starts the process. Supima Cotton and Micromodal are both 100% natural fibers and super comfortable. No heavy spandex content here (less than 5%) and absolutely no moisture wicking or UV protection. Imagine your favorite tee shirt, cut up and re-sewn into a pair of shorts. Like butter with absolutely no structure. 

    The package of finishing touches are right on point as usual. We have reserved the heat sealed W logos for more athletic items where looking high tech is part of the job description. In the case of comfort and style items like the Run-Around Shorts, we use a flag logo on the bottom of the leg to signal our relaxed and casual intent. Still understated and not in your face. Elevated style. The drawstring is similarly built for purpose. By using “self fabric” with exactly the same Supima Cotton and Micromodal blend, the drawstring is both super soft and stylish. No metal tips or rubberized coating for the drawstrings here. Finally, the pockets are also made with the “self fabric.” No complicated technical fabric, or zippers, or liners - just pockets to hold daily necessities.   

    How to Use the Willy California Men’s Workout Shorts? 

    These are shorts that are designed for lounging on the couch and walking the dog. If there were ever a pair of shorts perfectly crafted for going to the corner to get coffee, these are those shorts.  If you had a yacht or were on a yacht or simply near a yacht, these are the shorts that you would wear. These shorts make you look like someone important because they look (and feel) so damn comfortable. You would only wear these shorts if you did not have a care in the world and were only focused on one thing, maximum comfort.

    These shorts drape (a technical term that means there is simply a little too much hang in the fabric). This is exactly the point that killed our hope of using this fabric originally when we were engineering our perfect polo. But this drape is perfect for a pair of casual shorts. Use the self fabric drawstring to tie up the waist and enjoy the drapey flow of premium, super soft fabric. The look that falls out of these shorts is one of complete comfort and confidence no matter where your day takes you. 

    Our Run-Around shorts are guaranteed to catch people’s attention because they simply look different. They don’t fit into any of the traditional shorts buckets. These are not workout shorts because they are not shiny and technical. And they are not nicer shorts because they are not slim cut or tailored. No buttons and no zippers. The Run-Around Shorts look like a style from an expensive designer brand. One of those brands that asks you to spend $300 for a pair of shorts that help you look like you just threw this outfit together without a care in the world. Mission accomplished for a lot less dough.  

    When Should You Wear the Willy California Run-Around Shorts? 

    You should wear the Willy Run-Around Shorts when you are quite simply not sure what the day holds. A quick coffee, a couple of errands and then for lunch - a perfect morning for the Run-Around Shorts. Whenever comfort is the goal and looking sharp is a must, the Willy Run-Around Shorts are the right call.  

    Of course you could work out in these shorts, but these are not workout shorts. At Willy California, we test every product we make in workout scenarios so we know that the Run-Around Shorts are gym certified. But this is absolutely not why they were made. In fact, we made these shorts to “not workout” - if that is a thing. No polyester here, no complicated technical features and no synthetic feel. If these shorts get wet they stay wet. Just shorts. Simple, basic and stylish.  And oh so comfortable.

    The beauty of these shorts is that they can play the casual role or be more dressed up. Let the top determine the outfit. Wear the Run-Around shorts with our 101 Standard Tee for the basic casual look or slip on the 104 Workout Tee for a more technical look on top. Or even throw on our 201 Athletic Polo with the Willy California Quarter-Zip for the layered look. No matter what your day holds, the Run-Around shorts have the bottom half of your look covered with style and comfort. Flip flops for a walk with the dog. Nice loafers for a lunch date with your wife.

    Where can you get the Willy California Run-Around Shorts? 

    Right now, you can only get Willy California Run-Around Shorts from our website. But by sending them directly to you, we’re giving you the highest quality product at the best possible price. Don’t let middlemen hold you back, get the most value for the best price directly from us. 

    But hey, we get it. You might not feel comfortable taking a risk like this. Let us make it easier on you: if for whatever reason you don’t like our shorts, just send them back. No questions and no hassle. You don’t have to explain and we won’t make you jump through a bunch of hoops either. Our brand is all about taking the guesswork out of being a contemporary boss. You sending your shorts back in will just light a fire under us that will make us improve and perform all the better. That’s our promise. 


Moisture Wicking

Performance Fabrics


Comfort Guaranteed

Four-Way Stretch

Made in California

  • "Just got my polos... Perfectly crafted."

    Rex A.

  • "Probably the best fitting and most comfortable shirt I own."

    Weston S.

  • “Since discovering Willy my husband has gone from slob to suave.”

    Nancie B.

  • "These Willy workout shorts perform AND they are comfortable. You guys make quality product."

    Dre S.

  • "The perfect polo - so soft!"

    Bret H.

  • “Willy California [is] so focused on making stylish clothes that look great and also perform.”

    Bob M.

  • "The 501 Zip-Up Hoodies have quickly become the only hoodies I wear.”

    William S.

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