If you’re only going to own one t-shirt, this is it. Not too boxy, not too slim, it’s tailored to fit most builds comfortably. The lightweight poly-cotton blend is soft and breathable, but has serious endurance. You can wear it to work or workout. Or just sleep in it. It’s your call.

Willy is cut for a slimmer fit so please order one size larger if a relaxed fit is desired.

  • Details
  • Anti-Microbial
    UPF50 Protection
    62% Poly  |  33% Cotton  |  5% Spandex
    Made in California

  • Color
  • Hollywood | Black Solid
    Coliseum | Light Gray Heather
    Mendocino | Medium Gray Solid
    Coronado | Navy Blue Solid
    Venice | Cobalt Solid
    Malibu | Light Blue Solid
    Tahoe | White Solid

  • Size & Fit
    S 37”
    M 40”
    L 43”
    XL 46”
    XXL 49”
  • Care
  • Turn inside out, then machine wash cold with like colors. Tumble dry low. Non-chlorine bleach when needed.

  • Info
  • What is the Willy California 101 Standard Tee?

    If you’re going to only own one tee shirt, this should be the one. We gave this magnificent article the ‘101’ designation because it is so foundational to the Willy California perspective. This shirt is truly a new standard in the tee category. Your old favorite tee is a tough item to displace, but it’s time to move on. We nailed the fabric with a poly/cotton blend that plays like cotton and performs like polyester. Easy on the hand and super comfortable. To the gym, to dinner or on a boat for the day, the Standard Tee is made for everything.

    At Willy, our standard for every item was inspired by the old, favorite tee. The shirt you grab from the drawer every time. You don’t even need to look at it, you can feel the softness with your hand. To make every item in our line with that standard of comfort and feel was our aspiration from day zero. With our 101 Standard Tee we created a shirt that comes out of our box and into the mix in your favorite tee shirt rotation immediately. And the beauty is that she won’t yell at you when you wear this one to lunch. Comfort, style and fit all married in one standard - The Standard Tee.

    Most big companies inflate their size guide  in an effort to fit everyone. In the process, they fit no one well. At Willy, our challenge was to thread the not too boxy / not too slim needle. Getting a shirt to fit this well requires an attention to detail most clothing companies aren’t willing to wait for. Our secret was patience, taking our time with fit sample after fit sample to make sure we achieved a look that was comfortable and stylish. The result is our Standard Tee, a go-anywhere, do anything, standard fit shirt that we genuinely hope will become your new standard. 

    What Makes This Shirt So Amazing?

    The Standard Tee is amazing because it is super comfortable. At Willy California, comfort is always our first focus. Guys simply will not wear clothes that are not comfortable. And we are not afraid to wear our most comfortable items day after day; hopefully with a wash in between, but not always.  In engineering the Standard Tee we did everything we could think of to make this shirt the most comfortable shirt in your drawer. And when we were done, we went straight to a long sleeve version. The 102 Standard Long Sleeve Tee brings the same super comfortable feel to the long sleeve category.

    When engineering for comfort in clothes, the right fabric is the first step. Spandex and polyester are plastic and can be tough on the skin. For this reason, all natural cotton leads our construction of the Standard Tee. The cotton feel was critical to our goal of building that favorite tee feel. We’ve got just a hint of spandex in there to help the form factor and to supercharge the Standard Tee’s ability to wick moisture away from your skin. Meanwhile, the poly provides the structure. The carefully crafted mixture in this three fabric blend is what allows the Standard Tee to perform for the whole day. 

    After comfort, the second critical piece to a tee shirt is the fit. Our simple, more conservative cut is what makes the 101 stand out from the rest. As the tee shirt is still at the center of the modern man’s wardrobe, getting this style right is critical for a new brand. The slightly boxy fit that most companies have evolved to with their tee shirt is just an attempt to capture all customers under one style. The result is a tee shirt that doesn’t really fit anyone. At Willy, we invested the time and money to make sure our fit looks great on a wide range of body types.

    How to Use the Willy California Standard Tee?

    We take Tee Shirts seriously. Our tee offering also has the 104 Nicer Tee for dressing up and a workout tee which we cleverly call the Workout Tee. But our Standard Tee was the first and our most famous tee. A do anything tee. At Willy, versatility is always critical, but the Standard Tee had no choice. Before our other tees were created, we had to have a shirt that performed in the gym and looked great on the street. When you only offer one tee shirt, which we did for a while, you need the Swiss army knife of tee shirts.

    As a result, our Standard Tee has all of the bells and whistles to be a leader -  antimicrobial finishing and all of the latest moisture wicking properties as well as UPF50 sun protection.  It’s interesting to see people debate between the Nicer Tee and the Workout Tee and settle on the Standard Tee - the jack of all trades. When you think versatility, think of our Standard Tee.

    When Should I Wear the 101? 

    We meant it when we called this shirt the standard. As in it should be your new standard, go-to shirt. The Standard Tee is equally at home at a half marathon as it is backing up a blazer on club night or in a pitch meeting.  We made the 101 Standard Tee a core pillar of the Willy California philosophy. We wanted guys to have simple, well constructed clothes they can wear, whatever the circumstances. The 101 Standard Tee unlocks the whole Willy California lifestyle for you. Throw on the 101 when you need a strong foundation for a more conservative outfit or let it be the star of the show on a warm day. If you’re looking to show off a little more, try our 103 Standard V-Neck tee for those more casual vibes. 

    The super comfortable, lightweight fabric here also makes the Standard Tee a perfect layering item. Pair the 101 with our 501 Zip-up Hoodie on a long hike or match the 101 with a jacket and our 404 4-Pocket Pants for a night out on the town. Dress it up or dress it down - the Standard Tee is ready when you are. 

    But most of all, just wear the 101. Our Standard Tee is designed to actually keep up with you and your day, no matter what you throw at it. The 101 is so fine-tuned on every detail we would be genuinely shocked if you could find a situation where it will let you down. We make these shirts in seven different colors as you will soon understand that one Standard Tee is simply not enough.

    The 102 Standard Long Sleeve Tee is a slightly different beast in terms of uses. Something about the long sleeves gives you more flexibility in terms of dressing it up or playing it down. We like the 102 as an all-day lounge option on the weekends. Soft enough for a day of football on the couch with a little more warmth just in case. Pair it with our 401 Sweatpants and try to wrap your head around how it’s possible to simultaneously be that comfortable while looking that good. Or wear the 102 Standard Long Sleeve Tee with a pair of 403 Nicer Pants and get the comfort of a great tee shirt with a more dressed up look. 

    Take the guesswork out of your wardrobe and get into a few of our tees. You’ll immediately understand why we worked so hard to perfect this style. 

    Where can you get the 101 Standard Tee - Any way I can try them? 

    Right now, you can only get Willy California Standard Tee from our website. But by sending them directly to you, we’re giving you the highest quality product at the best possible price. Don’t let middlemen hold you back, get the most value for the best price directly from us. 

    But hey, we get it. You might not feel comfortable taking a risk like this. Let us make it easier on you: if for whatever reason you don’t like this shirt, send it back. You don’t have to explain and we won’t make you jump through a bunch of hoops either. Our brand is all about taking the guesswork out of being a contemporary boss. You sending your shorts back in will just light a fire under us to improve and perform all the better. That’s our promise. 


Moisture Wicking

Performance Fabrics


Comfort Guaranteed

Four-Way Stretch

Made in California

  • "Just got my polos... Perfectly crafted."

    Rex A.

  • "Probably the best fitting and most comfortable shirt I own."

    Weston S.

  • “Since discovering Willy my husband has gone from slob to suave.”

    Nancie B.

  • "These Willy workout shorts perform AND they are comfortable. You guys make quality product."

    Dre S.

  • "The perfect polo - so soft!"

    Bret H.

  • “Willy California [is] so focused on making stylish clothes that look great and also perform.”

    Bob M.

  • "The 501 Zip-Up Hoodies have quickly become the only hoodies I wear.”

    William S.

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