Made from the world’s finest Peruvian pima cotton, our long sleeved version of the Athletic Polo can be worn all year round. With moisture-wicking technology, it’s a commuter’s perfect work shirt, keeping you comfortable and stylish for your day ahead. Or, wear it to dinner and stay warm for the walk home.

Willy is cut for a slimmer fit so please order one size larger if a relaxed fit is desired.

  • Details
  • Anti-Microbial
    UPF50 Protection
    59% Peruvian Pima Cotton  |  41% Poly
    Made in California

  • Color
  • Coliseum | Light Gray Heather
    Venice | Cobalt Solid 

  • Size & Fit
    S 37”
    M 40”
    L 43”
    XL 46”
    XXL 49”
  • Care
  • Machine wash cold on the gentle cycle. Tumble dry low. Low iron. No bleach. No dry cleaning.

  • Info
  • What Is the Willy California Athletic Polo?

    The Athletic Polo is our most important style to date. In order to be a real men’s brand we had to cross the divide from workout gear into more formal clothes. Damn, this took us a while. We had so many stops and starts on this product. We clearly felt the pressure to get it absolutely perfect. Perfect in this case is the same as all Willy California styles - start with great fabric, focus on comfort first, then marry in great fit and top it all off with the finest details in the industry. After more than a year in the making, our Athletic Polo was born.

    Our Athletic Polo is elevated style defined. A comfortable and casual look, that takes your game to the next level. A collared shirt with that “favorite" tee comfort. Peruvian Pima Cotton is the star of the show here. We honestly believe it’s our best item yet, but the Peruvian Pima Cotton is a little like cheating, this fabric so comfortable and crazy soft to the touch.

    We put a collar on the shirt because sometimes a collar is simply required. But we didn’t lose our tee shirt inspired focus on comfort and style. Dressing up or looking nice should not mean being uncomfortable. This is where the “athletic” in the 201 Athletic Polo comes in. The fit and style here are absolutely athletic. This shirt is designed to move when you move. Our Athletic Polo will never leave you feeling hemmed in or boxey. With the Athletic Polo, you will look great and feel even better.

    Why Is Willy California Athletic Polo So Amazing?

    The Athletic Polo is amazing because we nailed both comfort and fit to redefine the polo space. Like everything at Willy, fabric leads the way. In this case we started our odyssey towards the perfect polo with a different fabric - a Micro Modal and Supima Cotton mixture. The softness we were after was absolutely there but the fabric was far too drapey for a shirt. “Drapey” means it was hanging too much and had no structure. And there was zero breathing for the shirt. Super soft, very drapey and no breathability is NOT a perfect recipe for a great polo. Back to the drawing board.

    This is when we were introduced to Peruvian Pima Cotton and our polo project took flight. Peruvian Pima Cotton is the softest and most famous cotton in the world. But we were hesitant to pull the trigger here. Made in California is important to us, but that does not mean every single ingredient has to be made in the US. Our commitment to make the best possible clothes for our customer won the day. We obviously make these great shirts in downtown LA like all of our Willy styles but the worldclass fabric comes from Peru.

    Willy’s obsessive attention to detail is epitomized with our story of the Athletic Polo. We had 300 nearly perfect polos in the box and ready to be shipped from the factory more than eight months earlier when we realized that the finished product did not meet our standards. In particular, the placard (which is the center piece of the shirt where the buttons and button holes connect) did not meet our standard. The placard on these “finished” shirts was flimsy and weak. The construction simply was not robust enough to support the integrity of the button complex and guarantee the sharp fit we were after. A sagging placard is a bad look. At this point we made the decision to recycle the fabric and start from scratch, again. A crazy decision for a young company, but the only decision that was consistent with our ethos of building a great brand. 

    The result of our good luck in landing on the Peruvian Pima Cotton and sticking to our guns on the quality front is the best polo on the market today. We were so happy about our finished product that we immediately added longer sleeves to our base model to offer the 202 Long Sleeve Athletic Polo as well. We are super happy with both versions of the Athletic Polo and can not wait to get your feedback.

    How to Use the Willy California Athletic Polo? 

    Our Athletic Polos (short and long sleeved) are designed for dressing up when you want to stay comfortable. For too long looking nice has meant giving up comfort. Not at Willy California and not in the Athletic Polo. When she says “Can you please put on a nicer shirt for lunch?” You can now smile and say “Yes Ma’am, I have just the tool for that.”  Grab the Athletic Polo and you will immediately elevate your game.

    This is not a golf polo. Golf polo’s can be baggy, are chocked full of synthetic fabrics and often look shiny and plastic. The fit of the typical golf shirt is also never great. The size charts at these companies have simply gotten out of control. The average guy is getting bigger and bigger and the sizes we wear in the standard size chart are going down. How is that? In trying to fit all of us and boost our egos by telling us we are size medium, these brands have managed to fit no one well. Of course you can wear our Athletic Polo for golf or any sporting adventure but if you want that oversized look please size up one notch to make sure you get the look you are after.

    The Athletic Polo is also an amazing layering item for a splash of color. Try our 502 Quarter Zip Pullover with our Malibu Athletic Polo underneath for the perfect office look. The fact that you have short sleeves underneath is not anyone’s business, you look professional and sharp. Or use the Athletic Polo to dress up our 501 Zip-up Hoodie for the perfect nice / street ensemble. Guys worry that the hoodies look too young, but when you layer the Athletic Polo with our 501 Zip-up Hoodie you will create a refined, curated package.

    When Should You Wear the Willy California Athletic Polo? 

    The Athletic Polo is the perfect style for those times when your favorite tee doesn’t meet the standard. When you need a little nicer look, throw on our Athletic Polo and your look is immediately polished and sharp. This is why we created the Athletic Polo. Guys actually prefer to wear tee shirts all day every day because tee shirts have always been the most comfortable piece of clothing in our drawer. This is where the Athletic Polo started. We put everything we learned in making our great range of tee shirts (styles 101 through 105) into our Athletic Polo and added a collar to get you through the door. This is your favorite tee shirt with a collar.  

    The Athletic Polo is the perfect office look. With or without a layering item, this polo will keep you looking professional and in charge. Choose from either short or long sleeves depending on your mood. The short sleeve is our 201 style and the Long Sleeve is our 202. Same great fabric, same perfect fit. Note: The boss tends to wear the short sleeved version since this move is a little more daring and confidence inspired.

    The dinner date is another perfect Athletic Polo event. It’s amazing what adding a collar to your outfit does for your look. One simple 2 inch wide piece of fabric says dressed up and stylish. They don’t have to know you are still feeling super comfortable and relaxed. 

    The Athletic Polo is also a great option to throw in your gym bag when you are not sure where the day will take you. When your day is so stacked with meeting after meeting, it can be liberating to know you have another gear just an arms length away. Done for the day, out of the office and enjoying your favorite tee shirt when RING, RING you get called back to the office for a client meeting. Slide the Athletic Polo out of your bag and immediately your outfit is client ready. Confident and casual but elevated - the Willy Way.

    Where Can You Get The Willy California Athletic Polo? 

    Right now, you can only get Willy California Athletic Polo from our website. But by sending them directly to you, we’re giving you the highest quality product at the best possible price. Don’t let middlemen hold you back, get the most value for the best price directly from us. 

    But hey, we get it. You might not feel comfortable taking a risk like this. Let us make it easier on you: if for whatever reason you don’t like our Athletic Polo, just send it back. No questions and no hassle. You don’t have to explain, and we won’t make you jump through a bunch of hoops either. Our brand is all about taking the guesswork out of being a contemporary boss. Sending your polo back to us will just light a fire under us that will make us improve and perform all the better. That’s our promise. 


Moisture Wicking

Performance Fabrics


Comfort Guaranteed

Four-Way Stretch

Made in California

  • "Just got my polos... Perfectly crafted."

    Rex A.

  • "Probably the best fitting and most comfortable shirt I own."

    Weston S.

  • “Since discovering Willy my husband has gone from slob to suave.”

    Nancie B.

  • "These Willy workout shorts perform AND they are comfortable. You guys make quality product."

    Dre S.

  • "The perfect polo - so soft!"

    Bret H.

  • “Willy California [is] so focused on making stylish clothes that look great and also perform.”

    Bob M.

  • "The 501 Zip-Up Hoodies have quickly become the only hoodies I wear.”

    William S.

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