You can live in a pair of our mid-weight fleece sweatpants without anybody giving you a hard time. They are cut slim so you get comfort with a cool factor and zero complaints. These sweatpants are great for lounging on the couch or on a plane to Tokyo.

Pairs with 501 THE ZIP-UP HOODIE

Willy is cut for a slimmer fit so please order one size larger if a relaxed fit is desired.

  • Details
  • 80% Poly  |  20% Tencel
    Side Pockets, Key Pocket with Security Zipper, Back Right Pocket

    Made in California

  • Color
  • Hollywood | Black Solid
    Monterey | Dark Gray Heather
    Mendocino | Medium Gray Solid
    Venice | Cobalt Solid

  • Size & Fit
    S 31" 38” 33”
    M 33” 40” 33”
     L 35” 42” 33”
    XL 37” 44” 33”
    XXL 39” 46” 33”
  • Care
  • Machine wash cold with like colors and tumble dry low. Non-chlorine bleach when needed.

  • Info
  • What are the Willy California Sweatpants?


    Finally, a pair of sweatpants that help you live the dream. And we're not talking about your typical track pants or joggers. We’ve all been there: Rolling out of bed on Sunday morning looking for the laziest of rest day Sundays. Coffee, an iPad and a deep couch. That’s why we spent so much time perfecting our most comfortable item - The Sweatpants. The apotheosis of clothing achievement. 

    When the world is getting more and more hectic every day, that treasured downtime needs our attention. We have great clothes for your 2-hour circuit training but this is not that item. Every guy needs an insanely comfortable pair of fleece sweatpants that they can pair with their favorite sweatshirt that society won’t judge you for basically living in. With precision engineering from a mill that is synonymous with great outdoor fabric, we created a blend of natural fibers and mid-weight fleece with a degree of softness that is incredible. Comfort and performance in one package - the Willy way. We finished them off with a stylish cut to keep you looking sharp just in case you decide to leave the couch. 

    What Makes These Sweatpants So Amazing?

    Quite honestly we simply married world class comfort and a classic cut to engineer sweatpants that are functional AND presentable making them best sellers. Gone are the days when comfortable sweats have to look like hell. Willy to the rescue again. Give the 401 Sweatpants a shot and take a look at yourself in the mirror. 100% socially acceptable and comfortable as heck. 

    We designed this cut after months of intensive research and relied on frequent visits to our LA factory to make sure we really nailed both comfort and style. Made in America isn’t a goofy branding play. For us, making these pants in America allowed us to achieve a standard that is unparalleled in our industry. No matter what, you’re going to look just as awesome as you feel in these.  

    The trims on the 401 Sweatpants seal the deal. As usual with Willy, they’ve got first class, top of the line YKK zippers and stylish drawstrings. The drawstrings are made with “self” fabric which means that we simply used the great base fabric and rolled them into strings for the waist. Again, built for purpose and thoughtful. You don’t need a super technical drawstring here, you need something that is soft and comfortable. Just in case [when] you fall asleep on the couch this “self” drawstring will not leave a mark.  It’s just the icing on the cake when comfort and style is fused together. 

    These are subtle on branding with monochromatic logos and attention to detail through and through. You don’t need a loud logo when you are laying on the couch or you want to leave your friends guessing (or staring closely) when you see them on the street. 

    How to Use the Willy California Men’s Sweatpants? 

    At Willy California, we design our clothes to take the guesswork out of your day. You put so much brain power into everything you do—why should you waste any time on what you’re wearing on Sunday afternoon? A lot of guys in our shop have a hard time getting out of these for the entire weekend. 

    With most  sweats, jogger pants, and any activewear your wife or girlfriend will make you take them off before lunch. But not with Willy. Throw a 201 Athletic Polo on top and you are ready to go. As a sweatsuit option, the 401 Sweatpants pair equally great with both the 501 Zip-Up Hoodie and the 502 Quarter Zip. The 401 Sweatpants are designed to be paired with the 501 Zip-Up Hoodie since the fabric composition is the same. However, a lot of our customers have had great success matching the sweatpants with the 502 Quarter-Zip Pullover. The mix and match of our sweatsuit (plush and comfort) and our tracksuit (sleek and fast) seems natural now. Top and bottom, back and forth. All of the colors go well together and create that curated look we all want. 

    The Sweatpants are also great for those long days at the office where quitting time has come and gone. Keep them in your bag when you want to slide in to pure comfort. Don’t be afraid to get in some outdoor workouts in them either. In LA, we keep the 401 handy for winter morning activities like a coffee or a jog on the beach. 

    When Should I Wear the 401 Sweatpants? 

    You can obviously workout in these Sweatpants… we wouldn’t make a pair of pants that weren’t battle tested. But our Sweatpants are much, much better for lounging on the course and reading a book (or iPad). In this style, comfort is actually criteria number one and number two. Are these sweats that you will want to keep on all day long? A strong “YES” was our only goal. 

    The beauty of our design is that these Sweatpants are still sleek enough and stylish enough that you can actually get off the couch during half time and go to the local store to get a coffee. No need to worry that you will see your boss or your old girlfriend - you look awesome and put together.

    Beyond the lazy Sunday at home, the  new arrivals of these Sweatpants have found a second calling. We actually never thought of building the perfect travel suit - it just happened. After only a few months we started getting lots of feedback that our Sweatpants were flying all over the world and perfect for the long-haul flights. Willy was covering the world from Los Angeles to Tokyo and back. Naturally, we pretended this was intentional. In actuality, we set out to make super comfortable sweats that keep you warm and looking cool. Air travel is just a perfect example where these sweats are made for purpose. For long-haul travel you want something that is well put together in the airport lounge but super comfortable in your seat (for 12 hours). Pajamas for businessmen if you will.  Changing in the airplane bathroom has to be one of most disgusting things to do. When paired with the 501 Zip-Up Hoodie we have the perfect uniform for that next trip - professional and clean cut on the ground and “night night” in the air. 

    Where can you get the 401 Sweatpants - Any way I can try them? 

    Right now, you can only get Willy California Sweatpants from our website. But by sending them directly to you, we’re giving you the highest quality product at the best possible price. Don’t let middlemen hold you back - get the most value for the best price directly from us. 

    But hey, we get it. You might not feel comfortable taking a risk like this. Let us make it easier on you: if for whatever reason you don’t like our Sweatpants, send them back. You don’t have to explain and we won’t make you jump through a bunch of hoops either. Our brand is all about taking the guesswork out of being a contemporary boss. Sending this item back in will just light a fire under us that will make us improve and perform all the better. That’s our promise. 


Moisture Wicking

Performance Fabrics


Comfort Guaranteed

Four-Way Stretch

Made in California

  • "Just got my polos... Perfectly crafted."

    Rex A.

  • "Probably the best fitting and most comfortable shirt I own."

    Weston S.

  • “Since discovering Willy my husband has gone from slob to suave.”

    Nancie B.

  • "These Willy workout shorts perform AND they are comfortable. You guys make quality product."

    Dre S.

  • "The perfect polo - so soft!"

    Bret H.

  • “Willy California [is] so focused on making stylish clothes that look great and also perform.”

    Bob M.

  • "The 501 Zip-Up Hoodies have quickly become the only hoodies I wear.”

    William S.

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