We take shorts just about as seriously as you can. Monday through Sunday, this pair comes through with four-way stretch fabric that is lightweight, breathable and won’t wrinkle - perfect for those long days at the office (or on the golf course).

Willy is cut for a slimmer fit so please order one size larger if a relaxed fit is desired.

  • Details
  • Four-Way Stretch
    86% Poly  |  14% Spandex
    Side Pockets, Back Right Pocket

    Made in California

  • Color
  • Mendocino | Medium Gray Solid
    Venice | Cobalt Solid
    Malibu | Light Blue Solid

  • Size & Fit
    30 31" 38” 11”
    32 33” 40” 11”
    34 35” 42” 11”
    36 37” 44” 11”
    38 39” 46” 11”
  • Care
  • Machine wash cold with like colors and tumble dry low. Non-chlorine bleach when needed.

  • Info
  • What are the Willy California Nicer Shorts?

    As a high end, athleisure brand, Willy California had to have a pair of Nicer Shorts to round-out our range. We think our 301 Workout Shorts can play the dressed up role just fine, but our Nicer Shorts are really made for the occasion. There is absolutely no reason to sacrifice comfort when you’re looking your best and we often need a dressed up alternative without putting on pants. In the new roaring 20’s, every day is getting more casual and shorts are often the right move. It’s hard enough to keep up with the grind without having to switch your clothes between every single activity. 

    Our Nicer Shorts have a style that lets you be dressed up without giving up comfort and performance.  Like everything in the line at Willy California, the Nicer Shorts are precisely built performance athleisure that will leave the contemporary boss looking his best while staying comfortable, no matter the situation.  

    What makes these shorts ‘Nicer?’

    Nice doesn’t have to mean uncomfortable or rigid. This is the same proprietary fabric that we use in our 403 Nicer Pants which are essentially our take on business slacks. As a result, you get a brilliant no-wrinkle look with maximum stretch and comfort. Sadly, sometimes men’s shorts need to be stashed in your gym bag for the next event after the office. These shorts were designed with that role in mind. Unfold, step-in and go. No wrinkles, no worries. 

    At Willy California, we’re all about an obsessive attention to detail. We tweaked the blend from our 301 Workout Shorts to make these pants ideal for those events that require a more elevated look. You still get plenty of technical features, but these shorts are designed to check the more formal box in your shorts arsenal. As long as your day doesn’t involve a half-marathon, these shorts are made for purpose. With workout shorts, we are looking for as much performance as possible with as little weight as possible. In the 302 Nicer Shorts, the challenge is to look as stylish as possible without any sense of rigidity or stiffness. We nailed it here. You get full freedom of movement with our incredible four-way stretch fabric just in case a game of touch football breaks out at the office picnic. These shorts look buttoned up but move when you need to move with a bend but don’t break focus. With a coated, steel button shank and a discreet logo placement, these ‘golf-shorts’ bring an air of sophistication to your casual occasions.

    Why Are The Willy California Nicer Shorts So Amazing?

    Shorts should always be an option but too many sloppy alternatives ruin the category. The more often you can wear shorts the more often you look comfortable and in charge. Way too many shorts leave you either boxy and stiff or too baggy and casual. The fact that you could go to the gym in the 302 Nicer Shorts does not mean they will ever look super high-tech or synthetic. They have refined style with enough performance features to keep you cool and confident. We didn’t just cut off long pants, we precision engineered these shorts in a factory down the street from our Los Angeles offices so we could fine-tune the bends and inseams to match your movements. This is the professional baseline for a nice pair of shorts. 

    We know that some guys aren’t looking to literally run 6 miles each way to the office each day, but you’re still looking to be active during the day. Our 302 Nicer Shorts will keep you cool and wrinkle-free even if you duck out of that pre-lunch logistics meeting and power through your frustrations by demolishing the leg press. Only the hardest of hardcore workouts could take down these shorts. The four-way stretch means you can really put these shorts through their paces while never really breaking your steely facade. The fabric is breathable enough that no matter how hot you’re running, you’ll be able to keep your cool. More importantly, these shorts are going to utterly blow your mind when you see just how resilient to wrinkles a pair of shorts this soft is. Roll them up, toss them in your bag and go. These shorts will keep you looking fresh and sharp no matter what you put them through.  These shorts were made with a late afternoon 9 in mind.

    When Should I Wear the Nicer Shorts?

    When she wants to go to lunch but you want to stay comfortable and casual the Nicer Shorts are the only way to go. More and more in the modern day, shorts are an acceptable call for a “look nice” outing. Especially when the weather is great. The key is that you have a brand that you trust to keep you stylish and comfortable at the same time. The 302 is far more in line with the Willy California ethos than our world famous workout material. The little bit of added structure really goes a long way to keep you looking crisp and wrinkle-free while not giving up comfort. The traditional golf shorts are boxy in both cut and feel - literally cardboard. In the case of our 302 Nicer Shorts, these shorts are comfortable enough to wear while lounging around the house as well. 

    Try falling asleep on the couch in old fashioned khaki shorts - no chance! Willy California is here to take the guesswork out of life. It’s almost silly to ask when you shouldn’t wear these shorts. They’re ideal if you find that you’re one of those guys who inexplicably runs hot on planes because they’re comfortable enough to sleep in while still leaving you looking precise and in charge in the airport. But we’ll be real with you, if your endurance day is all about long-haul runs or a gym session so intense you’ll be positively flattened the next day, we recommend our 301 Workout Shorts to keep you dry and performing at your absolute peak. These are NOT workout shorts, but they perform better than lots of workout shorts you own. The 302 is there for days where you have to blend looking nice with being busy all day long. These shorts help you extend the boundary for when shorts are the right call. We also don’t recommend them for Siberia or anywhere below freezing, but we get that some of our customers who are more...endurance-oriented might keep them on even in the most white-out frigid conditions. But we’ll leave that up to your discretion. 

    Where Can I Get the Nicer Shorts? Any Way I Can Try Them? 

    Right now, you can only get Willy California Nicer Shorts from our website. But by sending them directly to you, we’re giving you the highest quality product at the best possible price. Don’t let middlemen hold you back, get the most value for the best price directly from us. 

    But hey, we get it. You might not feel comfortable taking a risk like this. Let us make it easier on you: if for whatever reason you don’t like our shorts, send them back. You don’t have to explain and we won’t make you jump through a bunch of hoops either. Our brand is all about taking the guesswork out of being a contemporary boss. You sending your shorts back in will just light a fire under us that will make us improve and perform all the better. That’s our promise. 

    Give these shorts a shot and you’ll understand the entire Willy California philosophy. You shouldn’t have to engineer 2 wardrobe changes throughout the day just to achieve peak performance. We’ve engineered clothes that keep you looking great and feeling fresh no matter how far you push yourself to success. Take the guesswork out of your fashion with Willy California. 


Moisture Wicking

Performance Fabrics


Comfort Guaranteed

Four-Way Stretch

Made in California

  • "Just got my polos... Perfectly crafted."

    Rex A.

  • "Probably the best fitting and most comfortable shirt I own."

    Weston S.

  • “Since discovering Willy my husband has gone from slob to suave.”

    Nancie B.

  • "These Willy workout shorts perform AND they are comfortable. You guys make quality product."

    Dre S.

  • "The perfect polo - so soft!"

    Bret H.

  • “Willy California [is] so focused on making stylish clothes that look great and also perform.”

    Bob M.

  • "The 501 Zip-Up Hoodies have quickly become the only hoodies I wear.”

    William S.

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