March 09, 2022

Flying Fit: 5 Tips for Travel FitnessA Boeing 777 Photographed From Below

There’s a reason that Margaritaville is actually a quite depressing song. It can be hard to do nothing.

But doing nothing is sometimes the point of vacation. So how do you find balance in paradise? Read on for some tips!

Make Working
Out Easy

Whether you’re on vacation or traveling for work, exercising somewhere else is often harder. You may only have a sudden hour in between meetings or activities. But that quick jog can make all the difference.

So, when you’re booking your accommodation, do a search for jogging trails, swimming beaches, local parks and specialty gyms. How far are they from where you’re staying? It’s tough to take a train or rideshare in a new city just to work out—and running on sidewalks is totally unfeasible in some cities. Sometimes, that perfect "swimming beach" in the photos is full of rocks, murderous jellyfish and head-clipping motorboats.

Hotel gyms are another story. As we know, not all are created equal.

Don’t trust the photos — with a few clever mirrors, what appears to be an Equinox is often revealed to be a closet with a stair stepper. Read the reviews. If your hotel offers fitness classes, you can be pretty sure they take exercise seriously.

In any case, your goal is to find a place where you don’t have to work so hard to work out.

Bring the Right

Wherever you’re going, it’s almost always worth bringing some proper workout gear. If you’re packing light, ideally you can double up— our Workout Shorts, for example, are as at home in the gym as they are out and about. Don’t skimp on your sneakers either! Sometimes all it takes is running on your beat up old airplane shoes once or twice to reignite those old shin splints.

The World
is Your Gym

Sprint up those stairs at the airport. Pop off some chin-ups on the street sign. Climb trees on your way to the marketing interview. Do bicep curls with your laptop.

Ok—maybe not all that. But staying active whenever possible and walking instead of riding can add up to hundreds of calories burnt, better sleep and a better sense of where you are.

Try traveling with a bag that doesn’t have wheels for a built in workout as you make your way through the airport.

Watch What You Eat

If you’re traveling, you should enjoy the local food and indulge. But throwing a green meal into the mix can make a huge difference in your mood and sleep when you’re traveling.

Three heavy meals a day — especially ones your stomach isn’t used to — can not only throw off your gut, but also kill your motivation to do much of anything at all.

This applies doubly in new countries. Pay close attention to what the locals actually eat! Oftentimes, food advertised as local is flavored with extra sodium and fat to appeal to tourist tastebuds.

Don’t Work Out
All the Time

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Our desire to stay fit can be overzealous. You could probably not work out for a few days without any noticeable difference. After all, there’s a reason marathon runners take months off to recover after a big race. While we may fear our muscles will shrink, our tendons and joints truly do need time to recover. Sometimes, doing nothing is the best thing for your body.

Similarly, after a long plane or car ride, sometimes the absolute worst thing you can do is a hard workout.

Giving yourself an hour to stretch may be ten times more beneficial than anything else.

Just like everything in life, there’s a happy middle ground. Try living somewhere in between being a human slug and doing pushups in the airport!