June 01, 2021

CHALLENGE YOUR COREPowerhouse with Kadee Sweeney

Our friend Kadee Sweeney, celebrity master trainer, is sharing her top tips for a strong and stable core.

I created this series to target every part of your powerhouse. Three big muscle groups come into play.

  • Your rectus abdominis, which is the outer layer and your “six pack” muscles
  • The internal and external obliques, which run along your left and right sides
  • Your transverse abdominis, which is the deepest layer and your “waist cincher” muscle

When doing core exercises, take your time and move with control and precision. If you rush through them, you won’t get your abs firing the way they should, even during a workout as targeted as this one.

It’s in the slow, controlled movements that your core gets stronger. Make sure to open your mouth and exhale with a “HAAAA” breath to get the muscles firing correctly.

If you love this workout, you can find more on my YouTube, Instagram, and on KadeeFit, launching soon!

Kadee SweeneyAbout Kadee Sweeney

Kadee Sweeney is a celebrity master trainer and fitness model based in Dallas and Los Angeles. With a knack for noticing even the most subtle imbalances, Kadee teaches clients how to move intelligently, connect to smaller, more intrinsic muscle groups, and get muscle groups that are often neglected firing again. Through word of mouth, she has found herself working with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, music, sports, and even prestigious doctors over the years.

Kadee is thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of KadeeFit, a subscription website where anyone will be able to gain access to workouts that have been perfectly designed to address common issues and imbalances, as well as recovery segments and nutrition expertise on-demand.

Follow her on Instagram @kadeefit, and keep an eye out for the launch of kadeefit.com!