March 04, 2021

What To Wear On Your Next Run

Staying active in the world right now can be a challenge, but it’s still possible to set aside time to get out and get moving.  While your lifestyle may make it difficult to dedicate time to your own health, it’s still incredibly important!  For some people, one of the best motivators to actually stay fit is also looking great while working towards a goal.  

Welcome to a guide that will help you transform your perspective on workout clothes, athleisure, and how to dress when you go out on your next run to provide yourself with maximum comfort and range of motion.  

What Are Workout Clothes And Why Should You Wear Them?

Workout clothes are clothes designed for, you guessed it, workouts.  The workout clothing market sector is incredibly broad, meaning there is no shortage of available designs or styles to choose from, which can also make the process seem daunting.  Workout clothing ranges from fitted to loose, short to long, and comes in pretty much every color imaginable.  What this means is that it can be tough to make sure you’re actually giving your body its best chance to combine comfort and flexibility for the healthiest possible workout.

In short, the reason you should wear workout clothing while you’re active is that activewear, athleisure, and workout clothing all maximize the potential you’re getting out of a workout.  Depending on how you’re moving, what exercises you’re putting your body through, and how you choose to bring your heart rate up, your body’s needs will change. Some forms of physical activity require incredibly tight-fitting clothing, such as wrestling, while others require more loose-fitting clothes for a full range of motion, such as yoga. 

Which workout clothes you should be wearing comes down to personal preference and trial and error.  If you find something that works for you and makes you look and feel your best, then definitely go for it.  However, chances are that the clothing specifically designed for your particular workout will end up providing the best of both worlds between comfort, protection, and flexibility.  

What Is The History Of Workout Clothing?

One of the most interesting clothing trends over the last century is the athleisure market space.  Tracking workout clothes from the late nineteenth century to modern times is both a fashion journey and a social commentary.  

Originally, workout clothing was designed only for men, as it was considered unladylike for women to exert high amounts of physical activity.  In the late nineteenth century, women’s athletic clothing was first introduced but was still incredibly limiting because of heavy materials, poor design, and restrictive fashion trends designed to separate men and women.  

However, as the twentieth century dawned, sportswear became slightly more relaxed and gender-neutral, taking on a scientific basis that eventually became the modern athleisure trend we see today.  After the middle of the twentieth century, workout clothing for both men and women began to gain mainstream attention, especially after it was modeled by Marylin Monroe and Jane Fonda.  

While athletic clothing has evolved over the years, the gap between street clothing and gym wear has definitely been bridged to form a classy, stylish, and attractive blend called athleisure which has gained immense popularity over the last few years.  

Sprints Or Marathons? Different Types Of Runs

The type of athletic clothing you pick should entirely depend on the kind of workout you’re looking at doing.  For example, you’ve decided to go on a run.  Does that mean your decision has already been made for you?  

No! Absolutely not; you still have to narrow down your options further depending on what kind of run you’re going on, how long it will be, what the weather is like outside, and how you like to dress while active.

The type of run you’re going on can have a huge impact on what you’re wearing.  Marathon runners typically try to minimize weight, wind resistance, and breaks by wearing fairly light and unrestrictive clothing.  This can look like an athletic T-shirt, lightweight shorts, or even light leggings.

On the other hand, sprinters typically wear the tightest clothing allowed by regulation.  Olympic sprinters have pioneered ultra-high-tech clothing designed to be clingy, lightweight, aerodynamic, and moisture-wicking.  Any competitive edge is considered at such high-level competition.  

While you definitely don’t have to go to an Olympic level to get the most out of your workout routine, you should consider the principles behind these decisions.  If you’re just looking to run for simple daily cardio, then your needs might be met by a simple workout short designed to be comfortable and flexible while still keeping everything where it needs to be.  If you’re training extensively or need something more aerodynamic, consider compression clothing.

How To Pick The Best Workout Clothes

Picking workout clothing should come down to some very simple things: comfort, price, use case, style, and... comfort.  Did we mention comfort?  What’s the point of athleisure if you’re running around wearing uncomfortable, chafing clothes that don’t protect you and your form for the length of your run?

Here at Willy California, we prioritize comfort because we realize that staying comfortable in any workout environment is paramount.  The best kinds of athleisure are the kinds you forget you’re even wearing.  The Willy Advantage combines moisture-wicking, performance fabrics with a four-way stretch design that guarantees comfort in any workout. 

The best kinds of athleisure are designed with people in mind.  Premium outerwear requires extensive research and testing, and that’s something we strive towards at Willy California.  You’ll never feel out of place during a workout, thanks to our extensive lineup of research-developed athleisure.  

What Types Of Clothes To Avoid During A Workout

Nobody has time for workout clothes that you can’t wear anywhere else.  That’s why we’re dedicated to providing you with the intersection of fashion streetwear and athletic clothing. Workout clothes should be comfortable and stylish, made from great material with comfort in mind. 

Here’s what you should avoid when you’re gearing up for a workout:

  • Avoid full cotton clothing at all costs! If you’re dressing in cotton, you’re setting yourself up for failure.  Cotton clothing absorbs moisture at a very high rate, meaning you’ll be uncomfortable, sweaty, and sticky.  Wet clothing is also heavy clothing, meaning you’ll eventually be slowed down by your own outfit, which is never ideal.  
  • Avoid loose, baggy clothing if possible, because it can get caught in a workout machine, tearing the clothing or worse, causing serious injury.
  • Leave your watch or jewelry at home.  
  • Don’t re-wear athleisure! If you’ve already worked out in an outfit, make sure you wash it before using it again.  Not only will it be offensive to you and to others around you, but dirty clothing also carries unnecessary weight.  
  • Consider the type of workout you’re doing!  Loose clothing may be great for some kinds of workouts, but not others.  Compression pants may be great for a run but are not so great for lifting weights and training hard.  Just take the extra steps to make sure you’re dressed for what you’re doing!

Should You Color Coordinate Your Athleisure?

Don’t forget about looking good! If you’re creating an athleisure wardrobe, you want to be as confident as possible in what you’re wearing.  Studies have shown that if you dress for a workout, it’s easier to incorporate one into your daily lifestyle!  So why not color coordinate your outfits to look your best while you’re out for a run?  

On a safety note, it’s important to keep in mind that if you’re running near traffic or at night, wearing brightly colored clothing can give you a visibility boost and make you easier to spot.  If you’re running at night, definitely look into brighter clothing and maybe even something slightly reflective to make sure that anyone on the road can see you sooner rather than later!

The Bottom Line

Wearing the right kind of clothing for your next run can put you in the right mindset, thus maximizing the potential of your workout.  Next time you decide to go out and get your heart rate up, train in comfort with the product of extensive research, rigorous testing, and obsessive attention to detail: Willy California’s complete lineup of athleisure for men.  Whether you’re looking for workout shorts, a top, or year-round fashion, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Willy California.