July 28, 2020

If you’re up on your fashion essentials, you’ve probably taken some time to find that perfect pair of jeans or slacks, shirts suitable for work and play and the right shoes to match your ensemble. You’re ready to step into any occasion with confidence. But what about your underwear? Is it making the grade? 

It’s a mistake to neglect your intimate garments. Well-fitting underwear provides a comfortable and supportive foundation underneath your clothes. Many men are realizing that they don’t have to stick with plain and boring when it comes to underwear. Like women have realized for years, they now understand that having well-fitted and attractive underwear adds style, spice and confidence in their daily life. 

Let’s examine the signs that let us know when it’s time to up our underwear game. We’ll see that we need to consider not when to ditch the old pair, but what to replace them with as well.

Five Signs That It’s Time To Turn Over a New Leaf

The decision to get shopping for new underwear relies on asking yourself a few questions. Is your current underwear functioning well for you? Are you satisfied with the style of your current underwear? Ask yourself these questions and it’s likely these answers will come out. If any of the five signs below strike a nerve with you, it’s time to up your underwear game. 

Your underwear is worn out (or worse)

Let’s start with one of the most obvious reasons for investing in some new undies — your old ones are just plain worn out. If the fabric is threadbare, the color is faded and the elastic in the waistband is shot, your old briefs aren’t going to provide the fit and support you need. 

Your underwear is making you hot and bothered (and not in a good way)

A good pair of underwear will handle the job of keeping you cool in your nether regions with ease. To get that job done, they employ breathable fabrics and cuts that employ special moisture-wicking panels that shed heat and release perspiration. If your current underwear isn’t keeping you cool, it’s time to step out of them and step up to higher-quality brands designed and built to keep you cool and comfortable. 

Your underwear isn’t comfortable

Maybe this should be at the top of the list. If your underwear isn’t comfortable, you need to get rid of it and start over. Finding underwear that’s comfortable rests on two elements — the style of underwear and its quality. Different guys are comfortable with different cuts and styles. Some may like the compression and support of well-built boxer briefs, but others may prefer the minimalist feel of bikini briefs. No matter the style, quality, construction and fit are keys to comfort. That’s where an investment in better quality undergarments really pays off. 

Your underwear doesn’t match your personal style

Clothes make the man and the right underwear makes your clothes (and you) perform better. If you’re active, consider supportive boxer briefs with a touch of spandex for fit and support, like the Willy California 602 Boxer Briefs. If you wear form-fitting clothing, choose smooth and form-fitting bikini bottoms or briefs in nylon or modal fabric. If you like a touch of fun in your wardrobe, look for brightly-colored or patterned underwear and put those boring tighty-whities in the trash. 

Your underwear was a bargain

If you’re buying your underwear in 3-packs at the big box store, it’s likely you’ve experienced all of the previous signs of underwear inadequacy. Cheap underwear is made from inferior materials so it wears out quickly and doesn’t breathe. Poorly cut, cheap briefs are almost invariably uncomfortable and offer little to recommend themselves in the category of style as well. They’re a perfect storm of poor quality - so why place them in such a position of importance in your wardrobe? You deserve better.

The solution(s) 

As the old saying goes, knowing you have a problem is the first step in creating a solution. But what steps are next? Once you’ve decided that it’s time to refresh your fashion foundations, you’re faced with a multitude of choices — color, style, cut and fabric. Let’s continue your path towards better undies by looking at underwear styles. 

The right style for you

The days of the binary choice between boxers or briefs are well behind us. There are a variety of different underwear styles and cuts available to the discerning man. Here are some of the popular choices available to you.  


The classic brief is still with us, but you’ve got a lot more choices than cotton and white these days. Briefs have advantages. The cut is conservative but still leaves plenty of room for motion and the ubiquitous fly opening is convenient. Well cut briefs will look good under your clothing and if you choose from a breathable material like modal fabric or cotton and synthetic blends you’ll stay cool and comfortable.

Boxer briefs 

Boxer briefs have taken the underwear market by storm. They combine the longer leg covering of traditional boxers with the form-fitting cut of briefs. You can find boxer briefs for just about any need. If you’re athletic, purchase them with supportive material blends like spandex and nylon and a longer leg length for more compression. For a comfortable and stylish alternative look for trunk-style boxer briefs. The shorter leg creates a flattering cut for many men. 


If you like a minimalist approach, consider bikini briefs. With a low waistband and a high cut-out for the legs, bikinis offer minimal coverage while still offering support where you need it. Cotton and modal fabric options are comfortable against the skin but if you like some stretchiness and a tad more support, go for blends that incorporate nylon or spandex for a soft feel that moves with you. 


The classic boxer still has a lot going for it. They are loose and comfortable so they’re a great choice for under dress slacks or other loose-fitting pants. And they’re great for lounging or sleepwear too. Face it — you can’t beat Sunday mornings in a t-shirt and boxers with your coffee and the paper!

Choose Fabrics That Work for You

Style and cut are important but one of the keys to how well your underwear performs is the fabric or blends of fabric that it’s made from. Here are some of the popular fabrics you’ll encounter when shopping for new underwear.


Cotton’s a classic —  and for good reason. Quality cotton fabrics are soft and light and do a pretty good job of keeping you cool. Cotton is also durable and stands up to repeated washes. Cotton can retain moisture when you’re perspiring a lot, so stay away from cotton underwear when you’re particularly active. 


One of the original synthetic fibers, nylon is still going strong. Nylon weaves used in underwear are smooth and silky to the touch, offering a luxurious feel without the higher price of silk. Another plus for nylon is how quickly it dries. That makes nylon and nylon blends a good choice for underwear that you’ll be wearing to the gym or to work out in. 

Modal and micromodal fabric

These are interesting and innovative fabrics. Modal and micromodal fabric is made from the pulp of beech trees so it gets points for sustainability. Both of these fabrics have a very soft and comfortable feel — micromodal is a lighter weave variation of modal — and are often blended with cotton or other fabrics.

Spandex Blends

If you’re active, look for spandex blended with other fabrics when you’re shopping for underwear. Spandex provides an extra range of motion and compression in form-fitting underwear, like Willy California 602 Boxer Briefs. Blended with nylon, it makes outstanding performance underwear. With cotton, a touch of spandex adds an extra range of motion and comfort. 


For the ultimate in luxury, consider silk. While you may pay a bit of premium in price for this fabric, you’ll enjoy a smooth and luxurious feel. And as a bonus, silk is a great performer as well. It breathes well while keeping you warm, making it a great choice for cooler times of the year. 

Set a New Style, Starting at the Foundation

Knowing when it’s time for some new underwear provides you with a great opportunity to improve your wardrobe in ways you may not have considered before. Underwear that fits you well and performs for you will make all of your clothing work better for you plus provide you with comfort and support all day long. Take the time and take the plunge and restock your dresser drawers with underwear that you’ll enjoy wearing every day.

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