June 28, 2021

Top Bathing Suits For Men: They're Stylish and Comfy

Summer is finally here, and we’re all eager to get outside, make a splash in the surf, get active, and start relaxing by the pool with an ice-cold drink in hand. Before we hit the outdoors or pack up for a tropical vacation, we need to address the bare minimum question: what are you wearing (hint: some new bathing suits)?

The change of season, sunshine, and the extra heat often mean spending hours in the sun with friends and family, but it also means sweating a bit more than usual. The good news is that clothing nowadays is extremely capable of being both stylish and comfortable, and we’re here to help you pick the best swimsuit to get you looking sleek while feeling great, whatever your sense of style may be. 

Men’s suits are far different than women’s swimsuits (they’re dealing with bikinis, two piece swimsuits, one-piece swimsuits, cover ups, halter bikini tops, underwire and straps, different silhouettes, ruffles, bandeau tops, swim dresses, cup size, etc.). Sound like gibberish to you? Don’t worry; men’s swim shorts are way less complicated. You won’t have to worry about anything on that list. Phew!

What Is Athleisure?

Your first order of business is understanding the benefits of athleisure, a fashion trend that is now so embedded into our culture, it has earned a spot in the dictionary. If you have not yet heard of it, this essentially describes clothing that is designed for athletic activity while simultaneously still looking chic and presentable. It’s perfect for those with comfortable style preferences and for those who want to pull off different looks throughout the day. 

Imagine a stretch polo or pant that is totally passable to wear in the office but that wouldn’t leave you feeling gross if you ran over to the gym after you clocked out. We’ve all had those days where you feel like you’re running a marathon just to make it to each of your plans on time. On the weekend during the summer, maybe that means catching a movie after you’ve just spent the whole day tossing a frisbee on the beach. 

I mean, who doesn’t want to look great while feeling comfy? For this reason, we recommend that this summer, you find a bathing suit that looks suave while still being extremely practical. We’re talking timeless style and the latest trends that will make for a great purchase. In fact, we’re going to highlight some ideal choices for you that will be a great investment. 

A Swimsuit That Serves Looks and Protection

We’re going to walk you through all of the ideal qualities to look for in the perfect bathing suit by highlighting these board shorts in vibrant colors from Willy California. White swimsuits are out; stripes, colors, and playful prints are in (if you’re in the mood for some added flair).   

Why Are These Trunks Our Top-Pick?

These board shorts are special for a few reasons:

  • They look amazing
  • They have UV sun protection (so you won’t need sunscreen everywhere)
  • They have a 10” inseam
  • They are moisture-wicking
  • They are anti-microbial

What does all of this mean, and why does it matter? Let’s walk through why we think these characteristics are so important.

First of all, the most obvious thing we all look for when selecting our clothes is that they look good! Every guy can use the extra confidence that comes with wearing a stylish piece of clothing, whether you are into fashion or not. It can’t hurt our self-esteem to get a compliment every once in a while or to catch the eye of a stranger at the pool.

Both of Willy California’s board shorts will have you looking sharp with their slim fit and drawstring. They also come in a variety of bright colors (or dark, if that’s your style), so make sure that when you pick a pair of trunks, you pick a shade that best suits your skin tone. 

You can’t go wrong with a classic, solid board short in a bold color. And the palm trees on the patterned option aren’t too loud but will add some extra spice if you want a more “beachy” look. 

These pairs aren't bulky, and each color is fresh, so you can hit the bar after you get done swimming and nobody will even bat an eye. That is the beauty of athleisure. It is incredibly versatile. You can save yourself some time in your day, and instead of spending your energy trying to put together several outfits, multi-functional pairs of board shorts like these are more than appropriate for a trip out.  

What Is UV protected clothing?

All clothing items provide protection from the sun to some extent, given that any barrier between your skin and its rays lessens the sun’s power. However, different clothing items are more or less effective at doing so, believe it or not, depending on what materials they’re made of. 

If you pay close attention when purchasing a pair of swim trunks, you can tell whether or not their Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) is listed. This metric is used to measure how effective an item is at blocking UV radiation from reaching your skin, and The Skin Cancer Foundation cites anything with a UPF from 30 to 49 as a very good rating but 50+ as excellent.

You’ll notice that both of our favorite picks from Willy California have a UV50 Protection, placing them in that excellent category. And unless you’re only swimming in an indoor pool this summer, this is hugely beneficial to your health and safety.

This is also why we’re fans of the 10” inseam: this length is a little bit on the longer end of the spectrum, and more coverage equals more protection.

The Dangers of Sunburn

After decades of tanning fads and cultural pressure telling us that “sun-kissed” is attractive, it’s easy to disregard the very real danger that UV radiation can present to your health. In reality, these harmful rays age your appearance more rapidly and can lead to deadly forms of skin cancer.

Are you willing to sacrifice your health for a subjective cultural standard? We aren’t. So, when you’re aiming to choose the best bathing suit possible, it’s imperative to take UV protection into consideration. You may even want to consider adding a rash guard to your look for added defense.

Why Moisture-Wicking?

The next feature that sets these board shorts apart as our favorites for this summer is their moisture-wicking quality. This is exactly what it sounds like, and you can probably guess why we love it.

As busy and active men on the go, we want to be able to go hard when it comes to getting physical in our trunks. Moisture-wicking material allows your sweat to do its job properly in cooling you down, and it ensures that your clothes won’t end up making you feel overheated or sticky. 

For that reason, we love a bathing suit that is not only great for lounging but will also be ready to support you when you amp up the energy. No matter your favorite way to get active this summer, whether it be wakeboarding or playing beach volleyball, moisture-wicking trunks will keep you comfortable and cool as you sweat it out.

What Does Anti-Microbial Mean?

Anti-microbial fabric simply refers to fabric that combats the growth of bacteria and fungi on your clothing. This means less contamination and less odor. It also allows you to wear your clothing item more times between washes, which can increase that item’s lifespan.

We love this feature, especially for bathing suits. You’ll be in and out of the water so often in them, and next time you forget your soggy swimsuit in your suitcase for a few days, you don’t have to be quite as grossed out. 

If you add items to your summer wardrobe that protect your skin, help you stay cool, and keep you clean, all while looking high-end, you can conquer the world. (Or at the very least, the water park.) 

Swim Tops, Swimsuit Size, Sun Burns, and More

Make your look a two-piece by also wearing some full coverage swim shirts (aka rash guards). They will protect against chlorine, salt, and sun. Or, if you have a unique body type and just want to cover up more, they’re great for that, too!

Drill it into your mind that sunburns are something to avoid at all costs. Prioritize your health; even if you have to invest a little more cash in a pair of UV-protected board shorts, your wellbeing is worth it. 

If you’re hoping to get really fit this season by doing laps in the pool or doing a beach workout, definitely recall the perks of moisture-wicking shorts because they will keep you the most comfortable, and you deserve it. You don’t want anything standing in the way of you living it up to the fullest. Finally, consider the benefits of an anti-microbial fabric. For the inner germaphobe in all of us, this provides the hygiene boost and that extra peace of mind that we crave. 


Now that we’ve explained our reasoning behind our top bathing suits for this summer, we hope you feel ready to invest in some worthy pairs of trunks and that you feel excited to get outside, get sweaty, and take advantage of the sunny days ahead. Bring on the tan lines, flip flops, and summertime style!

When you're looking for a stylish swimsuit, pay attention to those with a sleek, slim fit that comes in bold, crisp colors. Of course, we love a subtle pattern as well, as we’ve mentioned already. Take advantage of athleisure’s popularity by picking an item that you can easily dress up but that lends itself perfectly to getting some exercise in. 

Forget about formal resort wear (say no to pants this summer) or swimsuits that squeeze your hips like a pair of briefs that are too small. Grab your favorite swimwear accessories and your new Willy California suit, and get ready to impress.

There’s no better feeling than running across the sand, feeling like our most attractive self, and knowing that we can trust our clothes to not just catch eyes but also keep up with our lifestyle. This summer, we’ll be making gains and looking trim while doing it.