March 04, 2021

The Best Workout Shirts For Men

Working out is as much a mental challenge as it is a physical one.  For anyone who’s looking to start a gym routine, you know how difficult it can be to motivate yourself to start going to the gym or even to begin a routine in your own home.  It can be especially difficult if you’re working out from home because of the current global pandemic, because it can be tough to create a boundary between your work responsibilities, your home life, and your desire to spend time working on yourself.  

Finding that time and segmenting it effectively is really hard to do, but it’s amazing what the right clothes can do for you! Picking out the right workout attire goes a long way in letting your body convince your brain it’s ready for the workout you’re going to put it through.  Making sure you’ve selected the best workout shirts to fill your closet will work wonders in terms of getting your mind and body ready for strenuous physical activity.  Let’s explore the ins and outs of workout shirts, why they matter, and how to pick the best possible ones for your typical routine!

What Are Workout Shirts?

This is the obvious first question to ask if you’re looking at spending money on an athleisure brand.  Learning what you’re about to invest in is a big deal! So let’s dive right into the definition of workout clothing, and specifically, workout shirts.  

Workout shirts are, as you might expect, shirts specifically designed for workouts.  However, not any shirt you work out in can be considered a workout shirt.  Typically, athletic attire is designed with materials that do a specific job, from providing comfort, flexibility, versatility, or moisture-wicking properties.  

Here at Willy California, our workout shirts are made not from a majority percentage of cotton, but rather from an antimicrobial, moisture-wicking blend of polyester, spandex, and cotton.  This combination of materials provides a lightweight alternative to a cotton shirt that is soft and breathable, while still providing serious endurance.  Our Standard Tee is perfect for anything from work to a workout and everything in between.

Athleisure is important because it provides unmatched versatility in the functional fashion space.  Nothing else quite captures the intersection of functionality, fashion, and comfort while providing such a wide range of uses.   

Why Do Workout Shirts Matter?

Workout clothing is important because it protects your body from all manner of negative side effects.  Working out is physically taxing, so it follows that you should be trying to protect your body in any way possible while you’re exercising.  The best workout shirts are designed to keep you feeling cool and smelling great during a workout while also allowing your skin to breathe and your body to exert itself without straining against unnecessary and heavy materials.  

Workout shirts are also specifically designed with exertion in mind, meaning they are designed to keep sweat off your body.  While sweat is the body’s natural defense against overheating, your body cannot recover if all the heat and sweat are trapped by restrictive fabric.  Instead, you will overheat and lose energy trying to cool off, thus losing some of the potential of a full workout. 

Rather than relying on a drawer full of old cotton tees, take the time to invest in something that’s actually designed with your exertion and progress in mind.  Make the choice to buy a workout shirt that you feel comfortable and confident in so that you can achieve the highest level of success possible.    

The History Of Workout Shirts

Over the decades, workout shirts have changed immensely, mostly due to scientific research and progress in development driven by a desire for athletic excellence.  Within the last century, the science behind Olympic uniforms has driven much of the innovation in the athleisure market space, with large brands devoting millions of dollars to creating something that will give athletes the best possible competitive edge.  

In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, workout clothing was practically unheard of.  When it was put into practice, it was more about protecting the clothing than it was about protecting the individual or giving them an edge.  Cheap, baggy clothes were created in order to keep other clothes safe from getting dirty or torn, so real workout clothes did not debut until science became the driving factor.  

Enter the twenty-first century, where workout clothes have become a staple in the fashion industry. There’s a several hundred billion dollar industry devoted to creating the best possible workout environment for customers while also offering styles and cuts that evoke style.  While the eighties and nineties were famous for bright colors, uncomfortable bodysuits, and funky imagery in their workout clothes, the current generation of athletes can truly feel confident and comfortable with what they’re wearing, no matter what kind of workout they’re doing.  

Different Types Of Workout Shirts

Shopping for the right workout shirt may seem overly complicated because of the sheer number of shirts available, but it isn’t as difficult as it might seem at first glance.  It’s really quite easy to start narrowing down your options based on what you’re doing, what kind of workout you’re trying, what the weather is like in your area and how you like to dress.  Unless you’re training for serious competition, the primary thing that matters is how you feel when you’re wearing workout clothes.  If you enjoy what you’re wearing, then nothing else really matters, especially if you’re just lifting weights in a home gym or taking a jog up and down the streets of your community.  

The different types of workout tops available at Willy California fall into these categories:

  1. Short Sleeve Tops: These tops are great for warmer weather, intense indoor workouts, or really any environment where you’re going to be exerting yourself physically and need your skin to be able to breathe.   
  2. Long Sleeve Tops: Long sleeve tops are great for outdoor workouts in cold weather or in environments where you’re trying to keep the sun off your exposed skin.  Long sleeve tight-fitting shirts are always a great option for runners or for people doing cardio workouts who want to avoid any excess or unnecessary drag.  These types of materials also do a great job at wicking away moisture.
  3. Polos: Enter the polo, the best of both worlds.  The athleisure polo provides a classy way to stay fit while still looking casual and put together.  While the polo may not be functional for every kind of workout, it’s a great middle-ground and can be good for a light workout.  
  4. Hoodies: Cold weather? No problem! Willy California’s collection of hoodies is designed to keep you warm in any environment. Made of buttery soft French Terry and sporting oversized pockets, you’ll definitely be warm on your winter workouts this year.   
  5. Pullovers: Looking for something more put together than a sweatshirt but not quite as dressy as a sweater? The pullover might be the best of both worlds in chillier weather, because it’s warm enough to wear on cold evening workouts but functional and comfortable enough to be worn out to lunch.  

How To Dress For Specific Types Of Workouts

If you’re going to put together a specific workout routine, make sure you have an outfit for any kind of physical activity.  For runs, consider something in between fully form-fitting and loose because you want your body to experience a full range of motion without experiencing drag.

For strength training or upper body workouts, look for something that won’t get caught in a machine, but that still provides you with enough resistance.  Finding the perfect workout shirt for any workout routine is completely possible!

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, confidence and comfort are king.  If you’re headed to the gym, and you’re not in something that makes you feel comfortable and confident in who you are, then you need new workout clothes.  

That’s why here at Willy California, we’re fully dedicated to providing a blend between the style and comfort of streetwear and the functionality and versatility of workout clothes.  Now, athleisure can be the bridge between the responsibilities you have in your daily life and the desire you have to better yourself.  Discover the intersection of comfort, confidence, functionality, and style with materials and styles designed specifically for you and your routine.