July 13, 2021

The Best Travel Clothes For Men: Your Ultimate Guide

Whether you travel often or only on rare occasions, traveling brings with it an exciting change of scenery and often reinvigorates your spirit in the process. However, that psychological perk can easily be shattered in the blink of an eye if your trip is uncomfortable. 

While you may not be able to control that crying baby on your flight or that flat tire in the middle of your road trip, there is one thing that is very much up to you: how you dress. If you are a guy who likes to throw on your clothes without much thought, you may not initially consider the impact that your clothing will have on your experience. 

However, something as simple as wearing a comfortable fabric or forgetting your sweatshirt can really make or break your trip. Your guide to travel clothes is really all about stocking up on items that ensure a relaxed, comfortable fit while simultaneously appearing put together and stylish.   

Why Athleisure Is Perfect for Travel

When you are anticipating your next big flight or road trip, consider planning your outfits based on one of the most prominent trends in the fashion scene today: athleisure. Athleisure clothes have been increasingly sweeping the nation and are credited by Forbes as being one of the most prominent fashion trends in recent years.

This category of clothing describes items that use materials and fabrics traditionally reserved for athletic wear but pass for stylish, everyday leisure clothes. Fitness fabrics often mean a lightweight feel and increased stretch and flexibility. Because of that, they really lend themselves toward a relaxed feel on your body, allowing you to move and stretch freely.

When we meet the eyes of other passengers on an airplane or other families at a rest stop, we often still want to look presentable. Athleisure provides us with the perfect opportunity to dress for comfort while still meeting the social standard for style out in public.  

Maximizing Your Comfort in Athleisure

If we have not already convinced you that athleisure is your best bet when it comes to travel clothes, let’s break down why the defining fabrics of the trend are awesome agents of maximum comfort.

Fabrics like polyester, nylon, and spandex are staples of sportswear, and they are marked by increased stretch and as beneficial for lots of movement. There are two qualities that make athletic wear superior:

Moisture-Wicking Materials

These materials resist sweat absorption, allowing it to evaporate in accordance with your body’s natural cooling system.


Breathability describes the amount of airflow that your clothes allow to travel through them, and it ensures that you don’t feel too constricted or warm.

So, Why Does This Matter for Travel?

Let’s say that the sun is beating down through your windshield or you’re racing through the airport to make it to your connecting flight on time. The superior technology of moisture-wicking and breathable fabric means that your clothes won’t weigh you down even when you’re sweating a bit or are on the move.

Our moisture-wicking Track Pants are made out of polyester and spandex and, thus, include all of the benefits that we outlined above. Because they’re lighter than normal pants but warmer than shorts, they’re guaranteed to keep you comfortable no matter the temperature throughout the duration of your trip. 

Not only that, but their slim fit and back pocket make them appear more like a normal, everyday pant than a sweatpant, meaning that you’ll still be dressing to impress.   

Similarly, the City Pants look almost like a pair of slacks or black jeans at first glance, but they’re made up of that same stretchy consistency that we saw in the track pants. If you have to get to your destination quickly once your plane lands, you can skip the hassle of digging through your suitcase and changing out of sweatpants because these pants transition perfectly from comfortable to presentable.

Don’t Forget the Essentials

There is one absolutely crucial item that we think every guy needs to pack in their backpack or tie around their waist, especially when it comes to air travel. You guessed it; that item is the sweatshirt.

Wearing layers is essential when you’re traveling because taking a trip often means not having the knowledge or control over what the temperature will be at any given moment. If you wear layers, you always have the option to strip some off when it gets warm but bundle up again if you need another adjustment.

Why Are Airplanes Always So Cold?

Have you ever experienced sitting in your seat on an airplane, cold air blasting on your face out of the vents above your head? Next thing you know, you wake up from your nap with a raging sore throat, and the little airline blanket you bought doesn’t seem to be helping much either.

A study showed that aircraft travel actually makes certain people prone to fainting, a condition exacerbated by warm temperatures, so airplanes actually keep their cabins cool on purpose for your safety.

The Easiest Way To Cope With this Annoyance?

Bring your sweatshirt! Our Zip-Up Hoodie is a mid-weight garment that will keep you warm and lock out the blast of cold air from those pesky airplane vents. If you truly prefer a casual look, as opposed to the track pants or “city pants” that we mentioned earlier, then this sweatshirt pairs nicely with The Sweatpants.  

Perfect For the Traveling Businessman

We realize that a lot of men out there have careers that require them to actually travel quite frequently. If that sounds like you, never fear. There is athleisure on the market that looks surprisingly formal in appearance. 

The Nicer Pants look like dress pants but feel like athletic wear. Their button makes them look like a pair of chino pants, but they consist of four-way stretch, light fabric. 

Another huge perk for travel that we have yet to mention is that these are anti-wrinkle, meaning that when you need to stash them in your suitcase for a couple of hours, they’ll come out good as new for your second wear.  

For the top half of your body, you might want to go with a nice, athletic polo in combination with the Nicer Pants. If you wear a short sleeve polo, you leave a lot of room for layering. But if you run cold, there’s always the long sleeve option that you can consider as well.

Your Trip Awaits You

Now that we’ve outlined all of the best clothing to look for in regards to traveling, we hope that the task of planning out your clothes for your next trip doesn’t seem quite as daunting. In fact, it should be exciting! 

Travel is an exciting feat that can have some awesome effects on your mental health. It means experiencing new people and places and a refreshing break in your routine. While this can be nerve-wracking enough in itself, you don’t need the stress of what clothes you’re going to wear to contribute to that anxiety.

By filling your closet with comfortable, sleek athleisure wear, you’re setting yourself up for a successful, smooth trip because you’re guaranteed to feel both comfortable and confident. So, lay out your clothes for your next trip and get excited, knowing that you’ll look effortlessly cool and feel great while doing it.