June 28, 2021

The Best Golf Clothes for Men: Summer 2021 Trends

For many men across the U.S. and even across the globe, golf is the perfect summer sport, as it not only gets you up and on your feet but also can be a catalyst to so many other things like social gatherings, vacations and more. It’s a wonderful way to get outside, relax and improve a skill year-round but especially under the beautiful summer sun. 

Before you set foot on the course, you’ll want to keep in mind the typical etiquette and dress codes required of the sport. Besides your golf equipment, your clothing is the most important thing. If you’re not familiar with the common golf apparel, the last thing you want is to show up dressed inappropriately unbeknownst to you. 

Whether you’re a first-time golfer or an experienced veteran, we’re here to spotlight some awesome clothing options for men to help you get out on the green and get started. Get ready to look good and have the best game of your life. 

Golf Is Currently Booming in the U.S.

Golf is a sport that has been around for hundreds of years, but in the past year, its popularity has taken a notable surge in the U.S. because it was credited as one of the safest sports to partake in during the recent global pandemic.

Prior to this, it has been a long-time favorite for many reasons. It is a great social activity, as it allows for lots of conversation during its downtime and can be the perfect setting for business meetings. It’s a skill that virtually anyone can learn, meaning that it’s great for the whole family. In any scenario, it makes for a beautiful, green environment and can be a wonderful addition or even destination on any vacation. 

If you’re looking to spend any time on the course this summer, our clothing recommendations should prepare you well to show up looking apt and sleek. Not only that, but we want to make you aware of what qualities to look for in terms of athleticism and comfort so that you’ll also feel your best throughout the day. From golf shoes to sunglasses, to trousers, to jackets, to socks and golf shirts, there’s a lot to learn about classic golf style. 

The Essentials

Even if you’re a man who considers himself a golf expert, bear with us as we very briefly go back to the basics of men’s golf clothing for those who are new to it. You’ll want to start with the following as a minimum for your golf accessories collection (while keeping your personal style in mind):

  • Polo shirts (preferably moisture-wicking in the summer months)
  • A collared long-sleeved shirt
  • Pants
  • Rainwear
  • Dress shorts (breathability is key)
  • Something for cold weather (like sweaters for a ton of stylish layering options)
  • A sturdy hat

If you’re a rookie to the sport, you may be surprised that most golf courses actually have a somewhat formal dress code (hence, the collared shirts.) We’re going to tip you off to some superior style options that look professional enough to impress while still maintaining a sporty, lightweight quality to keep you comfortable.

Our Favorite Brand

Because your typical sports shorts and casual hoodies aren’t socially acceptable on most golf courses, we highly recommend investing in a brand like Willy California, which designs clothing that looks presentable and fashionable out of comfortable, sporty materials. Your obligation to dressing nicely for golf doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable. 

It’s important to respect the requirements of the course you attend, but you don’t want to feel uncomfortable throughout your whole game as a result. Clothing brands like Willy California are your best bet when it comes to maximizing looks and comfort, as the majority of their items are made from more breathable materials like cotton, polyester, nylon, and spandex. Our catalog of men’s golf attire also happens to have the absolute best prices (talk about a win-win).  

Investing in a brand like this is especially important to ensure you have a great experience, especially when you’re playing under the hot summer sun and don’t want to feel weighed down or miserable as a result. Your unwavering focus needs to be on the course; not on how hot you are. 

Our Recommendations

The Polo

As we mentioned previously, before you get out on the course, you’ll definitely want to secure a shirt with a collar like this polo. Go for sharp, crisp colors that leave you looking your finest. The neutral color options pair well with any kind of pants, but if you’re looking for something a bit more preppy and eye-catching, you may want to go with a nice, light blue. 

While resembling a polished, dress shirt, this polo golf shirt is made from breathable materials. And when it comes to summertime, we’re sure you’ll really appreciate that quality when the days are very hot and humid. This item is designed to let you sweat without feeling uncomfortable, and the material even has highly-rated UV protection to shield you from the unwanted, damaging rays of the sun. Get out, get your steps in, and get your Vitamin D, while doing it comfortably and safely.

The Long-Sleeve

For those occasional summer days when it’s a little bit cooler, or even if you’re just looking for a little extra coverage from the sun, you’ll want to have a long-sleeve option. Look for something that has all of the same benefits as the polo we discussed, just with that addition of sleeves.

The Pants

Similar to the shirts we mentioned, you’ll want to have a pair of lightweight pants that lend themselves to a lot of hours of movement and strolling along the green. 

What’s great about this particular pair is that they are anti-wrinkle, meaning that if you’re running from the office to the course and you want to roll them up in your duffle bag, they’ll be good as new when you pull them out. It’s all thanks to that unique, sporty material (this time a polyester, spandex blend) that is currently trending. 

The Shorts

Shorts are inherently a bit more casual than pants, given that they show more skin. If you are attending a course that allows them, you’ll definitely want to wear a nice pair. A button is a must-have. Avoid any sort of drawstring or elastic waistbands. You’ll most likely also want to go with a solid color, as it looks sleeker and more dressed up than patterned fabric. 

The Pullover

Let’s say you live somewhere or have chosen a vacation destination where the weather can be a bit cooler or somewhat unpredictable. One minute the sun is blazing but the next, the clouds roll in. While this situation may be rarer, you won’t regret having a warm layer with you just in case you need it. 

However, this is where it gets a little more tricky because your typical sweatshirt or zip-up hoodie may be a bit too informal for golfing etiquette, depending on the course you choose. Something like this quarter-zip pullover may be the perfect middle ground between a more formal coat and the all-too-casual hoodie.

Again, you’ll thank yourself for picking a relaxed, sporty material since you will still be exerting yourself, no matter if the weather cools down. You will also want something that lends itself well to movement so that you don’t feel like your clothing is in any way holding you back from achieving your best swing. 

The Hat

Last but definitely not least, every golfer needs a solid, sturdy hat to guarantee some personal shade throughout the duration of a long day outside. You really can’t go wrong with a classic baseball cap. These hats have been popular for so long for good reason. Just because their namesake is another sport, doesn’t mean that they can’t work just as well for golf.

We mentioned the necessity of UV protection earlier, and this item is going to be really important to aid you in those efforts. Your face is uniquely exposed to the elements more so than the rest of your body, and a simple hat can really make the difference in preventing that painful sunburn from showing up when you turn in for the evening.

There’s a notable lack of shade on most golf courses, so it’s extremely important to come prepared (our guess is that you’ll want to bring some sunscreen along as well). 


Now that we’ve gone over the best, most essential golf clothes for men, you’re ready to take the sport by storm this summer. The requirement to wear formal attire is a unique characteristic of golf, unlike other sports. 

It’s a fun excuse to dress to impress and leaves you feeling confident. All the while, you’re getting some exercise in the process, using your social skills, and spending a significant amount of time embracing the warm, summer air.

If anything should be your main takeaway, remember that comfort can be trendy, and with the right brand, you can look flawless while still dressing for your game of golf. Whether you are brand new to the sport or are just looking to improve your closet, we urge you to look for a variety of polos, collared long-sleeves, lightweight pants, dress shorts, a nicer jacket, and the perfect hat to get you through your games. 

Look for colors and styles that dress you up and material that lets you sweat and protects you from the sun. Take your family for a spin in the golf cart, hit the course with your buddies, plan your dream vacation, and ace your personal connection skills at business meetings this season, all while dressed to the nines. Willy California is one of the top brands for men’s golf attire. Check out our online offerings or visit us in-store!