September 29, 2020

For many people around the world, summer is one of the best seasons. It’s warm and sunny, and many people feel happier and want to go outside for different activities. Whether you want to sit by the pool, go to the beach, or go cycling or running, you need the right sportswear for summer activities, especially when it comes to a good pair of workout shorts.

It’s usually pretty easy to choose summer clothes since most people usually go for a loose fit and simple design. It might seem simple to choose the perfect activewear, too, but there are lots of things you’ll want to take into consideration like if the piece has moisture-wicking properties (also known as dri fit) and if compression shorts or side pockets make sense for your activity.

Once you add in all the different features of workout clothes, it starts to get harder to know what to look for, and this is especially true if you are getting workout shorts for the first time.

What’s So Special About Workout Shorts and Running Shorts Anyway? 

Now, if you’re going to do a workout, it can be tempting to pull out any old pair of shorts from your closet. After all, you’ll have to throw them in the wash anyway, so why get specially designed workout shorts? There are several reasons you will want to get the right kind of athletic shorts.

After a long workout, you will probably feel sore and tired, but you can also feel pretty good about yourself for your accomplishment. Your clothing can make a difference in the way that you feel after your workout, especially depending on if it was a comfortable fit, how breathable the fabric was, and even just how you look in your post-workout mirror check (don't worry, we all do it). 

Why Is Moisture-Wicking Important in Running Shorts? 

When you’re working out, you'll likely sweat. A lot. You're probably also familiar with how uncomfortable it is to have sweaty fabric sticking to your skin. With workout shorts and a lot of workout clothes in general, especially like the activewear from Willy California, the sweat is wicked from your body toward the fabric’s surface where it can then evaporate, keeping your clothes breathable and comfortable during even the sweatiest workouts. 

One of the reasons that you'll want your sweat to evaporate is that dryness can keep you cooler. Sweat is your body’s way of avoiding overheating. If sweat can’t evaporate and you're doing an outdoor workout, you might just find that you don’t feel very good after your workout with all the damp humidity you've built up.

Dri fit fabrics that can wick away moisture also keep you much more comfortable, whether you’re in running shorts, bike shorts, basketball shorts, or even those school-issued gym shorts you still keep around! 

Fabric to Avoid in Athletic Shorts 

One of the main fabrics you'll want to avoid is cotton, so make sure you don't use those old denim shorts during a workout. Cotton can chafe against your body while you move around, so instead, save those comfortable cotton shorts or that cotton tank top until you're done working out.

Fabrics to Look For in Athletic Shorts

Polyester: One of the best kinds of fabrics for running shorts and activewear in general is polyester. It is durable and strong, and it can withstand a lot of washing and wear. It often feels "slippery," which is why workout shorts often look shiny. Plus, it's generally not too expensive.

Polypropylene: This is similar to polyester and is made from a type of plastic, as well. It resists water well, and it is perfect to wear on rainy days.

Spandex: Spandex is a stretchy material that can conform to your body. Plus, it can wick away moisture, and the fabric will go back to its original shape with ease. It’s often used for leggings, compression shorts, tank tops, and biker shorts. 

Spandex/Polyester Blend: When these materials are combined like with this Willy California pair, you get a breathable, comfortable fit, even if you push your workout limits. The shorts move when you move, and they won't rub against your legs or chafe, which is why this is a particularly popular choice for leggings, yoga shorts, and biker shorts, too. If you take a peek in your girlfriend or wife's closet, you'll see that a lot of sports bras and skorts also use this type of material for its comfort and breathability. 

Moisture-wicking materials, such as polyester and spandex blends, can protect your skin by keeping your sweat away from you. Your body deserves the best treatment you can give it, and getting a pair of workout shorts from us can help you do just that.

Better Flexibility

Choosing the right workout clothing will ensure that you stay comfortable. You’ll already be pushing yourself, so you certainly don’t want to be uncomfortable by choosing the wrong shorts, which can rub against your legs and irritate them in the middle of a workout.

Workout clothing can give you both style and comfort, which can make a huge difference. For example, workout shorts and other training shorts are much more flexible than many other kinds of shorts, moving with you and helping you feel confident in your clothing choice.

With this, you can pay attention to your workout instead of wondering whether or not you bought the right pair of training shorts. When you feel good about yourself, you are more likely to work harder, and you can avoid feeling uncomfortable, which may negatively impact your performance.

With flexible workout shorts, you can move around better. You wouldn’t want to wear a stiff pair of sweat shorts to the gym if they weren't comfortable enough!

The best pair of shorts will help you to move freely. Don’t get a fitted or tight pair of shorts if you don’t feel comfortable, even if compression shorts are standard for whatever activity you're doing.

Choose an Antimicrobial Fabric

When you get workout shorts, especially during the warmer months, you want to find a pair that offers antimicrobial protection. Antimicrobial protections offers a defense against mildew, mold, and bacteria that can all cause odor to build up.

This helps your athletic shorts stay fresher for longer, so you can wear them confidently and often. This material also stays cleaner between washing. Sweat is a problem for everyone, and when you sweat, bacteria can start to grow.

Luckily, antimicrobial fabrics help stop bacteria before they get a chance to grow, which is why all of the workout shorts from Willy California offer antimicrobial technology.

Finding the Perfect Fit for Gym Shorts

You might have heard that shorts need to be exactly 2 inches above the knee, but just like the rule that you shouldn't wear white after Labor Day, the shorts rule is outdated, especially since there are hardly any rules in men’s fashion to start with. 

However, there’s still a fun little guideline you can follow to figure out the right size:

Get your height in inches to start with. Now, close your eyes and think about how much you actually like your legs. Give them a number between one and seven. It might seem counterintuitive, but the more you like your legs, the lower the number should be. If you absolutely hate your legs, you should give them a seven.

Now, add this number to your height in inches. You can find the best inseam by using this number.

  •       77 inches or more: You should go with a 9-inch inseam.
  •       72 to 76 inches: You should go with a 7-inch inseam
  •       72 inches or less: You should have a 5-inch inseam.

What this basically means is that the best athletic shorts length for you will be subjective. The perfect length of shorts might shift depending on your mood for that day, so you should have some options available.

You will generally want your shorts to be comfortable and loose. Just remember that especially for bike shorts or running shorts, you will want to avoid going too loose. Otherwise, they might get tangled up in the pedals of your bike or make you break your stride.

Your clothing shouldn’t get in the way of whatever workout you are doing. That’s part of the reason that Willy California offers workout shorts that are slightly more fitted.

Getting the Right Pair of Shorts

Whether you're someone to be seen in Bermuda shorts or yoga shorts, activewear is now a widely varied industry where options can range into plus size, high rise, and even high waist for both women's workout shorts and men's workout shorts alike.

With so many options and a constantly changing list of best sellers, it comes down to finding a comfortable fit and a likeable style just for you.  

Our running shorts in particular are comfortable because they are extremely lightweight. We know that the weights you lift should be from the gym, not from your shorts. 

We also focus on training shorts that are high quality, which is what our customers have come to expect from our brand. The drawstring waistband is highly stylish and lightweight, and are fitted with steel tips that are also rubberized and coated, so you get a modern look while also avoiding fraying. Another great part about the drawstring waistband is that it provides even more flexibility in how tight or loose you prefer your fit. 

Where to Find the Best Workout Shorts

Willy California offers a range of best seller training shorts that are breathable, flexible, and designed to last for a long time to come. With hassle free returns, you can feel just a little bit better about whipping out the credit card to finally replace those decade-old basketball shorts or sweat shorts with brand new running shorts. 

We’re serious about training shorts and activewear, and we want you to have a pair you can take pride in, so run to your closet to check your inseam, and click here to get started with a pair of gym shorts that aren't just for the gym.