July 19, 2021

Quarter Zip Pullover for Men: Top Features & Trends

Every guy needs a sweater or sweatshirt for the practical necessity of staying warm, but the truth is that they come in a wide variety of different styles to consider. The quarter zip pullover is a classic piece of outerwear and a solid middle ground between more casual sweatshirts and super formal sweaters. 

Because they rest comfortably in that middle ground, they can be easily dressed up or dressed down, and everyone can really benefit from having such a versatile outerwear item in their closet. They are perfect for those of us with active lifestyles and can save us the time between outfit changes when we need to run from the field out to dinner.  

The Trend To Abide By

Just like the quarter zip is a happy medium of formality and a conveniently versatile clothing item, “athleisure” is the name of a trend that describes the perfect middle ground between comfort and fashion. This is the clothing category to abide by when you are looking for your next best quarter zip pullover.

What Is Athleisure?

Athleisure defines clothing that is made out of fabric traditionally reserved for athletic wear but is designed in such a way to be stylish and presentable out in public. In other words, athleisure has the versatility and stretch both to keep you comfortable at the gym and to keep you sharp out on the town. 

What may immediately come to mind is how leggings and yoga pants have swept the nation in women’s fashion, but athleisure is extremely widespread, and there is high-quality menswear on the market as well.

The trend is a popular sensation, and by taking advantage of the comfort and class that comes with it, you are staying on top of the fashion scene. All that being said, here's how to ensure that your next quarter zip pullover lands into this bucket.    

What To Look For: Fabric, Fabric, Fabric

When it comes to athleisure, the most defining feature of the clothing is definitely its fabric. Materials with notable stretch and breathability like polyester and spandex are staples of sportswear and, as a result, athleisure as well. After all, the fabric is what makes or breaks the comfort of an item, and the style is just all in the outward appearance. 

The Superior Quarter Zip

Our quarter zip pullover is an awesome athleisure item that checks off all of the trend’s most important boxes. It looks polished and elevated, but it is made up of materials that let you break a sweat at a moment’s notice. More specifically, it has the following characteristics: 

  • It is made out of a polyester and spandex blend, meaning it gives you that lightweight, flexible, athletic feel that is so important to activewear. 
  • Its fabric is moisture-wicking, so it can really lend itself to going hard while you work out.  

Why Search For Moisture-Wicking Material?

If moisture-wicking material is so great, what exactly is it, and how does it give you a better workout?

Your body sweats as part of its natural cooling system, in which its evaporation off of your body creates heat loss and helps your body regulate its own temperature. When certain kinds of fabric don’t allow your sweat to evaporate, thereby blocking it from doing its job, you’ll end up feeling soggy, heavy, and hot.

Moisture-wicking material essentially means that the clothing is able to “wick” your sweat from your skin up through the fabric and still release it off of your body. By allowing your body to effectively continue its natural cooling process, moisture-wicking material ensures that your clothes won’t hinder your body temperature regulation while you’re actively moving and on the go.

This is why you’ll love and appreciate your moisture-wicking quarter zip. Let’s say that you love to go on morning runs, but you want to start out with an extra layer until you warm up a bit. The quarter zip will keep you the comfortable kind of warm rather than the sticky, damp kind of warm.

If you’re one who sweats quite a bit even on a normal trip out, then this moisture-wicking technology will be your best friend.   

Fit And Style

We’ve looked at one side of athleisure, but we must consider the other side to stay true to the trend, and that’s the side of style and fashion. 

Two defining features of good style are fit and color. If you wear something that looks too baggy on your body, you can easily end up looking unkempt and frumpy. On the topic of color, you can’t go wrong with solid neutrals because they match anything and naturally look sleek and polished. 

This is why our quarter zip is designed with a slim fit and comes in a selection of crisp, solid shades of black, grey, and navy.

The slim fit will keep you looking, well, slim! Each of these neutral colors can lend itself to being more formal when necessary and also suit any complexion.  

What To Pair It With

Like we’ve said already, the beauty of athleisure is that it can easily be dressed up or dressed down, and a lot of this power rests in how you pair your separate clothing items. If you need inspiration for how to style your overall quarter zip look, think first about the level of formality that you’re going for. 

To Dress It Up:

Our quarter zip pullover can be paired with bottoms like the City Pants for a more refined look if you need to hit a nice restaurant or family dinner party. These pants are designed to look like your favorite pair of jeans or slacks, but they’re made out of beloved athleisure materials nylon, bamboo, and spandex. 

If you need to dash over to coffee with a client after just finishing soccer practice, an outfit like this will keep you comfortable and presentable while sparing you the extra change.  

To Dress It Down:

If purely casual defines your needs for the day, then the quarter zip can also be easily paired with something like the Track Pants. Perfect for an early morning bike ride, weight training session, or evening stroll, an item this comfortable will mean that you look forward to getting active.

For an extra fashion statement, you might even choose to go with a matching set if you choose a quarter zip and track pants in the same color.

Time To Get Moving

What better quality to ask for from your clothing than to keep you moving in comfort and in style no matter where you end up throughout your day? Our athleisure line should be on the top of your list when buying your next quarter zip because we design clothes that do just that. 

Athleisure is current, trending, and functional. It really just makes sense.

The most important characteristics to look for in your high-quality, fashionable sportswear are a flattering fit, classic colors, moisture-wicking material, and light, breathable, stretch fabrics. With all of these factors combined, you should look and feel unstoppable. 

Your clothing is all about how you present yourself to the world around you, but it’s about feeling great too. Only having one or the other would really mean falling short in our eyes. Now more than ever, it’s entirely possible to stay active in style.