November 20, 2020

Morning Workout: What To Wear To Start Your Day

The benefits of a morning workout have been well documented by sports scientists, with plenty of anecdotal evidence from the fitness community to back it up.

When you kick your day off with a jog, a swim, a game of basketball, or a weightlifting session, you activate all the systems of the body and earn a huge boost to the metabolism.

Not to mention, a morning workout routine is a powerful thing for your mindset. When everyone else is hitting the snooze button or yawning over a cup of coffee, you are out there smashing your fitness goals and leveling up your life. 

With all those benefits, why wouldn’t you want to start your day with a high-energy workout?

For some men, things get a little tricky when deciding on what workout clothes to wear when they hit the pavement in the morning hours. The sun may not be shining, the weather could be cold, and your body is still waking up from a long night’s rest.

We’re here to go through the perfect morning workout wardrobe and address all the different environmental factors that come into play in the AM. With these tips, you can assemble a set of workout gear that puts you on the right track every morning.

Dress For Warmth And Comfort

Waking up early to work out is an impressive display of willpower and grit. In many parts of the world, the sun isn’t even up when the alarm goes off, and the last thing you want to do is leave your cozy bed and go push yourself to the physical limits.

That’s why you need to pick morning workout clothes that are easy to throw on, maximize your comfort, and allow you to gradually warm up as you make your way out the door and get that blood pumping.

When our bodies are cold and tired, we are far more likely to make a mistake or end up with an injury. That’s why it’s so important to wear the right workout gear and give your system a few minutes to get up to speed, whether it’s a brisk walk, slow jog, a bike ride around the neighborhood, or a few rounds on the heavy bag.

Wearing warm and comfortable clothes from top to bottom allows your body to heat up faster, lubricate your joints and muscles, and flip the switch in your brain that it’s time to get to work.

If you want to get into a morning workout routine and you’re struggling to find the motivation, a set of dedicated warm-up clothes can eliminate all your excuses and set you on the right path.

With your workout gear laid out the night before, you’ll be way more likely to hop out of bed and get the job done, rather than wandering around looking for clothes to wear and operating at 30% mental and physical capacity. 

Layer Up On Top

Now that you know the psychological and physical benefits of a morning exercise outfit, it’s time to get into the details of exactly what to wear. 

When it comes to keeping the upper body warm and comfy, layers are going to be your greatest ally. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the gym or running sprints in the yard, things are going to heat up quickly, and you’ll want to shed layers fast to stay in the game.

That’s why you should always have at least two layers of protection for the torso and arms when working out in the morning, even if you don’t expect to keep them on for long.

As your base layer, you’ll want a simple, breathable undershirt that is both form-fitting and flexible. This will keep warmth close to the chest and allow your cardiovascular system to get moving more quickly.

We all know the feeling of combatting cold morning air and not being able to catch our breath. With a strong foundational layer of undergarments, you can conquer that brisk weather and work out as you normally would.

On top of your undershirt, you’ll want to throw on a flexible, moisture-wicking top that regulates your body temperature as you gradually warm up. Some men prefer to keep things short-sleeved, but a full-coverage long-sleeve tee may be better for the morning routine. 

The ultimate second-layer shirt will have a bit more polyester and cotton for added protection against the elements while maintaining plenty of flexibility to move fearlessly with your toughest physical challenges. 

Lightweight, anti-microbial, and contouring to the body, your long-sleeve shirt must check all the boxes if you want to perform your best in those chilly morning sessions. 

In some more extreme cases, you may want to add a third upper-body layer to fend off those harsh winter winds, snow, and rain. If it’s the middle of January in a northern region of the country, you need to take this even more seriously. 

Find yourself a warm and comfortable athletic hoodie that gives you that extra layer of protection and lets you easily navigate the most challenging weather. 

Shorts And Pants That Protect

Insulating your torso and arms is your first priority when dressing for a morning workout, but the pants you choose can also have an impact on how you perform, especially if you’re battling the elements and need some added defense for the lower body. 

If you deal with stiff knees and hips in the morning, like so many men do, it’s crucial to layer up your legwear as you warm up with a powerwalk, jog, or bike ride. 

Once again, the first layer is key to mastering a morning workout. It starts with selecting warm and supportive boxer briefs that lock in the heat but never allow things to get too uncomfortable. Great underwear goes a long way, so don’t overlook it.

Whether you opt for shorts or sweatpants depends on how you expect your workout to go. Some men are fine braving cold weather in a pair of comfy athletic shorts, while others wouldn’t dream of going bare-legged until they are 100% warmed up from head to toe.  

Others choose the best of both worlds by keeping a pair of shorts underneath their sweatpants or track pants, then shed that top layer when they start to overheat. The best mid-weight fleece sweatpants will keep you warm and dry in the morning, all with a stylish slim-cut look. 

Athleisure is all about blending comfort and performance, and this should be top-of-mind when picking out shorts and sweats for an AM workout routine. You want gear that is easy to layer up and quick to remove as your session ramps up. 

Shop around to find athletic pants that look great, feel great, and will inspire you to jump out of bed in the morning to go after your fitness goals. As you become more comfortable and confident with your morning workouts, you can change up styles and layers to achieve the best possible performance. 

Must-Have Morning Accessories

With a reliable assortment of warm tops and bottoms in your wardrobe, you’ll need some extra accessories to complete your morning exercise outfits.

While it all comes down to personal preference, there are a few pieces of gear that seem to have universal appeal.

The first is a warm outdoor wind-resistant hat, which will keep your head warm in any weather and prevent that precious heat from escaping out the top. Look for hats made mainly of polyester, with a bit of spandex for added breathability and flex.

Next, be sure to have a pair of lightweight all-weather gloves that you can slip on for those freezing mornings out on the trail. There’s no need for big and bulky ski gloves—a thin and warm liner will keep those fingers toasty at all times.

Of course, you’ll need socks and shoes that give you the support and warmth you need to take on the day, and depending on the outside temperature, you may want footwear that offers a bit more bulk and protection. 

If you’re running on a dirt path, for example, it’s probably worth it to buy some stronger trail running shoes. Maybe match them with some performance wool socks to keep your feet warm during those cold morning hours. 

Earmuffs, face masks, sunglasses, and backpacks are all useful tools as well, and you should have a full lineup of gear ready for whatever the universe throws your way. 


A morning workout is a sacred routine that can make or break your entire day. Leave nothing up to chance by putting together a perfect wardrobe for any type of weather or situation. 

Take the time to select clothes with the best fit, made from top-quality materials, and built to last for many morning workouts to come.