March 04, 2021

Men’s Workout Clothes: Clothing Guide for Every Workout

The relationship between personal confidence and personal achievement is always interesting to explore, and the ways that it impacts our daily lives can be surprising.  Understanding how feeling good about yourself can change how effective you are or what you can achieve might feel overwhelming, but it’s true.  The better you feel, the more likely you are to achieve great things!

This is no different within the world of workouts.  You’re willing to push further, work harder, and strive for higher goals if you’re confident in where you’re starting from.  That’s why here at Willy California, we try to bridge the gap between the comfort and style of casual streetwear with the functionality of workout clothes.  While athleisure is a relatively new area of fashion, it’s making a big splash for good reason. Let’s explore why workout clothing can make a huge difference in your workout routine and discover exactly how to dress for a wide variety of different workouts.  

What Is Workout Clothing, Anyway?

Unsurprisingly, the definition of workout clothing is clothing designed specifically for working out.  While it’s entirely possible to work out in any kind of clothing, make sure to give yourself that extra advantage of selecting the right clothing for the right workout.  Because of how broad the current market is for workout clothing and athleisure, there’s no shortage of brands to choose from, styles to consider, and designs that can give you the most confidence and functionality.  

There are two secondary definitions of workout clothes that are important to address in this article: there’s workout clothing designed to give you the ultimate competitive advantage (think Olympic sprinter uniforms), and there’s workout clothing designed to give you the ultimate functionality, comfort, and confidence while you’re working out.  

At Willy California, we strive to provide the latter.  All of our gear is based on extensive research, rigorous testing, and obsessive attention to detail, from the materials to the patterns to the designs and everything in between.    

Why Does Workout Clothing Matter?

Working out in the right clothes can matter for a variety of reasons.  Here’s a short list of why you should consider your workout clothing in your routine.

  1. The right workout clothes are designed to protect you from the environment around you.  Whether it’s blazing sun, a foot of snow, or just a windy day jogging around the city, your body can still be affected by the elements.  Keeping your body safe, dry, and comfortable is a huge advantage when it comes to your workout routine.  

Make sure you select the right kind of athleisure or workout clothes for the climate and environment you’re going to be working out in, so that you can maximize your efficiency.

  1. Workout clothing is designed to wick away moisture, keeping you cool and keeping your clothes from weighing you down while you’re working out.  People sweat; there’s no getting around that.  Make sure you’re picking workout clothes made of material designed to keep moisture away from your body!
  2. Workout clothes are extremely durable.  The fabrics and materials used to design workout clothes are designed to last a long time without chafing, tearing, discoloring, or falling apart.  If you’re just going to run in cotton sweatpants, you’re going to have a bad time, and so will your pants.  

If you’re going to spend any amount of money on workout clothes, make sure you get something that’s durable, flexible, and going to last enough to justify spending your money on it.

  1. Comfort! Comfort is king when it comes to workout clothes.  If you’re working out in something uncomfortable, you’re going to resent working out, thus creating a mental block between your daily routine and your workout routine.  

Buying workout clothes that provide you with a wide range of motion, high levels of functionality, and lots of comfort will give you the advantage you need to get moving and stay moving in a way that keeps you healthy in the long term.  When you choose clothes that provide comfort, it makes a world of difference because you won’t be distracted by discomfort caused by what you’re wearing.  

Workout Clothing For Upper Body Workouts

Now let’s get into what clothing works best for specific types of workouts.  If you’re looking to give yourself as much of an advantage as possible, make sure you’re shopping for and dressing in the right kind of workout clothes.  

Let’s say you’re putting together an outfit for a complicated upper body workout: what do you think matters the most in terms of what you should wear?

For an upper body workout, wearing form-fitting clothing is your best bet.  Super tight clothes may restrict blood flow, but super loose clothing may get in the way or might even get caught in a workout machine, causing serious problems.  Shoot for a middle ground between tight and loose, so something mildly form-fitting will be a great way to go.  

Workout Clothing For Running And Cardio

When you’re going on a run, whether you’re taking a jog, running on an elliptical, or even sprinting on a track, the goal is to make sure your clothes allow a great range of motion without restricting blood flow.  While you definitely don’t have to go to the level of an Olympic runner to be able to get the most out of a workflow by buying a super expensive tracksuit, make sure you’re not limiting the potential of a cardio workout by weighing yourself down.  Lightweight shorts are great for runs in warmer weather, and compression shorts are good in cooler climates.  

The shoes you’re wearing can have a huge impact, too, so make sure you’re investing in workout shoes that are designed specifically for the use case you have in mind.  For example, don’t get hiking shoes to run in, and don’t get running shoes to do heavy lifting in.  

Workout Clothing For Hot Weather

The biggest thing to keep in mind if you’re working out in warmer climates or in a warmer workout environment is that you want to prevent overheating.  While there are plenty of workout fabrics designed to keep you cool and to wick moisture and heat generated by your workout away from your body, it’s important to make sure that you’re not just considering the materials.  

Make sure you’re also considering the length of your clothes, the style, and the cut as well.  Super form-fitting clothing will actually restrict airflow, which will generate heat and cause your body to become claustrophobic, thus limiting the benefits you’ll be getting out of any type of workout.  

Something to keep in mind if you’re working out in very hot weather is that you should be very aware of the damage that sunlight can do to your skin.  Make sure that if you’re leaving skin exposed that you’re still caring for it and doing your best to prevent sun damage!

Workout Clothing For Cold Weather

On the other hand, if you’re working out in super cold weather, it can be tempting to layer up.  However, this can be equally dangerous because lots of layers can overheat your body as well.  Exposing your body to extreme cold while also generating extreme heat due to a workout can be dangerous.  There’s a reason that some athletes play in heavy snowfall in the same uniforms they use to play in warmer weather—the heat that their bodies generate while they’re exerting themselves physically actually generates enough heat to keep them warm without having to rely on lots of layers.  

If you do decide to layer up, make sure you’re still letting your body breathe and letting excess heat escape if necessary.  

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, two things matter most when it comes to buying the right athleisure: comfort and confidence.  If you’re not comfortable or confident in what you’re wearing, then what’s the point? You’ll be much more limited by your lack of confidence than the material or lack of wind resistance making up your clothes.  

Selecting the right athleisure is as simple as finding exactly what you need to get in the right mindset for your workout routine.  That’s why Willy California is dedicated to offering such a wide selection of athleisure and workout clothing for any kind of workout.  Shop Willy California today to discover exactly how much we care about your preparation and workout lifestyle.