February 17, 2021

Cold Weather Activewear: Features and Benefits

Whether you’re walking or running in a winter wonderland, there’s really nothing better than a chilly workout. From below freezing sprints to snowy ski slaloms, exercising outside is fun and exciting, snow or shine.

Of course, those cold temperatures can be a bit overwhelming. Those cold sweats, shivers, dry skin, and sore noses are an unfortunate byproduct of an otherwise glistening daily routine.

This is why the right gear is one of the most important facets of your wintry workout. It’s important to have the right cold-weather activewear to make sure that you can perform your best even at mother nature’s worst.

Here are some of the benefits and features that you should look for in your cold weather exercise attire.

What Are the Benefits of Working Out in the Cold?

There are good reasons why snowboarding, skiing, and frosty hikes are such refreshing ways to get a move on. In fact, if you’ve never bundled up to do some burpees, it might be something that you’ll want to consider.

Believe it or not, cold weather might actually be able to improve endurance. When it’s cold, your heart doesn’t need to work as hard to keep you cool. This means you sweat less, expel less energy, and can keep going for even longer. Plus, the cold has a greater ability to turn white fat into calorie-burning fat, meaning the lower the Fahrenheit, the higher the burn.

Not to mention, outside exercise can give you exposure to sunlight, which helps fight seasonal depression that’s all too common during the winter months. This can help keep you motivated during the workday and energized for your quick trip to the bar.

Keep in mind that the risk of hypothermia is increased when you work out in colder weather. This is why picking the right attire is of utmost importance. You’ll need to layer up with a quality set of cold weather attire. But what exactly are the benefits of winter attire as opposed to other options?

Keeping You Warm

Perhaps obviously, the most important feature that’s a requirement for your cold weather attire is something that can help fight against those harsh winter winds. This is where hoodies and pull-overs really find their time to shine.

Hoodies are a staple in the men’s fashion space, offering that classic street look with warm functionality. A hoodie is a perfect outer garment for any cold workout because of its ability to insulate your body’s heat.

When you work out in any weather, your body releases more heat than you would if just lounging around. In hot weather, you want to try to wear light layers to make sure that this heat can escape and keep yourself cool. But in the cold, you want to do the opposite, as this will regulate your body temperature to keep it constant against the harsh cold climate.

A moisture-wicking hoodie is especially beneficial for winter weather to help eliminate some of the sweat that you’re bound to release. Moisture-wicking fabrics will pull moisture from the skin and disperse it over the material, allowing it to quickly evaporate into the atmosphere. This is a great feature of winter activewear because sweat in cold weather will cool down faster than your body, making for an icy sensation that won’t make your run feel very fun.

While hoodies are thick enough to insulate, they’re also breathable enough to keep you cool in any type of climate. This is especially good for your morning sprints to the cafe or your visit to the lodge after a day on the mountain. This is another great thing about hoodies, as you won’t need to change outfits based on your activity.

Keeping You Cool

Something great about winter weather workout gear is that it can be made to regulate your body’s temperature at any given moment. So even though you might feel pretty chilly the second you hit the ground running, you’re going to start heating up and working up a sweat. When that happens, you don’t want to have to remove layers to keep yourself comfortable.

One of the most important additions to a cold weather outfit is the undershirt. This is a great choice for a bottom layer of clothing, as it can help to lock in some of the sweat that will form as your body starts to heat up.

This is important because you need to try to keep your body’s internal temperature regulated when exercising in unnatural climates. Dehydration is actually more common when working out in the cold because you might not even realize that you’re overheating and need a drink. An undershirt is a beneficial piece of activewear that will help to keep you safe and comfortable for the duration of your exercise.

Another great thing about undershirts is that, since no one really sees them, you won’t have to worry about sweating too much underneath your other layers. It’s a little secret for you, and you only, so you can keep looking and feeling your best throughout your entire cross country ski adventure.

Keeping You Stylish

One of the biggest differences between cold weather attire and warm weather attire is the ways in which you can customize your style to really make a statement anywhere.

In the summer, you don’t have many more choices than a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. And while these are stylish in their own right, it leaves you with fewer options than the wonderful world of chilly climate exercise attire.

When layering, you can experiment with different styles that will keep you feeling warm and looking cool. On top of the undershirt, you may want to consider layering a hoodie on top of a long sleeve tee for maximum temperature control and appearance. The layered look is very popular in men’s fashion today, which is yet another added benefit of cold weather activewear.

You may have also noticed that a lot of winter hoodies, shirts and coats might come in darker colors. Not only are dark colors easily matched for a coherent fit, but they also have a practical use that makes them perfect for winter clothes. Dark colors absorb sunlight and turn the wavelengths into heat, meaning that darker colored clothes will be better insulators during cold months as opposed to more pastel-colored attire.

Keeping You Organized

You’ve probably never thought about your clothes being able to keep things in order, but cold weather activewear has a nice advantage of having a necessary utility: pockets.

A nice feature of versatile sweatpants or track pants is the added pockets that help to keep your belongings safe and secure. Some sweatpants might even have a devoted security pocket for your keys, letting you zip up your valuables for some extra protection.

Not to mention, jackets and hoodies tend to have extra room for pockets when compared to their short sleeve cousins. Not only do oversized pockets help keep your belongings where they belong, but they can also help add some much-needed warmth to your hands as you ride up the ski lifts.

Keeping You Safe

Despite how great it might feel to do some mountain climbers on an actual snow-covered mountain, there are a certain number of risks involved with cold weather exercise. Namely, hypothermia, which can be caused if your skin becomes too cold.

The insulating capabilities of activewear will keep you warm, and in turn, keep you healthy. In fact, some doctors recommend that you dress as if it is 10-20 degrees colder before you decide to work out in the chilly outside world. 

The good thing is, if you find attire that combines the benefits of insulation and moisture-wicking, you’ll be able to stay warm in the cold but quickly cool down the second you go back inside. 

In Summary

If working out in the cold wasn’t so great, skiing and snowboarding probably wouldn’t even exist. The benefits of cold exercises are far-reaching, and that’s why it’s important to get some activewear with just as many positive features.

Cold weather activewear can keep you both cool and warm, with multiple layering options that help to insulate your body heat and evaporate your sweat. This moisture-wicking capability is one of the best attributes of winter workout gear.

But not to mention, long sleeves and pants have a stylistic element that is just unmatched with warm weather attire. Coming in mostly dark colors, you get a ton of freedom to mix and match, letting you look great from the early morning gym visit to the early morning flight to Denver.

With the versatility of cold weather activewear in mind, you could run from Maine to Florida without ever having to change a layer.