May 19, 2020

Pastel colors can elicit strong feelings from guys. Some are repelled by a look they consider “preppy,” while others love the idea of breaking the mold of boring blacks, browns, greys, and blues. When you start considering workout clothes, in particular workout shorts, the battle lines can be drawn even sharper. A guy who might consider a pink sports shirt for a round of golf or a round of beers could very well shake his head in disbelief when considering pink workout shorts.

Break the Mold

But why should we consider workout clothes and workout shorts any differently than we look at our other clothing choices? One the other hand, there are the constrictions of tradition. Some may argue that workouts are serious, sweaty business after all — a place for serious blacks, grays, and dark blues. Not for light-hearted are fun pastels. 

Fortunately for us, that kind of thinking is fading into the past. Today’s attitude embraces individual expression and having some fun with your clothing. Why should your workouts be any different? 

Making Smart Color Choices

When you’re choosing what to wear, think of your skin as the palette you’ll be creating your look on. While the variety of skin hues in our great big world are almost too numerous to count, if you guide yourself by a few basic hues, you can make some smart decisions on how best to complement what mother nature provided you with. 

Pale Skin

If you’re as freckled as Ron Weasley or get burned when you’re watching The Endless Summer on TV, odds are you can consider yourself pale-skinned. If your complexion is pale, here are some tips on how to use color to your advantage.  

  • Avoid too much neutral coloring. There’s nothing wrong with using neutral colors, per se, but too much of the same shade will lead to a washed-out look.
  • Aim for contrasts. Mix together neutral hues like gray or beige with contrasting colors, like earth tones or bright pastels. 

If you’re following this advice, a great workout combination for you might be a set of dark blue or charcoal fitness shorts, like the Willy California 301 Workout Shorts in “Palisades,” paired with a light blue or other pastel-hued tee shirts.

Light Skin

Got to watch when you’re getting too much sun, but tan up nicely after a while? If that’s you, go with the light-skinned label. Try these combinations and colors. 

  • Avoid skin matches. Wear light-colored or pastels in moderation. Too much light-colored clothing will accentuate your lighter hue. Of course, once you’re rocking a nice summer tan...
  • Dark and earth tones and autumnal colors are your friends. Darker browns, charcoals, and red or rust colors can make a nice contrast with your skin. 

So, what’s a good combo for your workout? Try some red workout shorts, paired with a dark gray or black top.

Olive Skin

If your friends are always asking if you’ve just returned from a tropical vacation, olive-skinned may describe you. Your warm complexion gives you a range of options to consider. 

  • Bright colors are your friend. Your somewhat darker skin tone offers an excellent contrast that makes bright colors really pop. Don’t be afraid of bold reds and bright blues. 
  • Don’t be too subtle. An emphasis on more somber earth tones can leave a somewhat muted impression.

Be bold in your workout combos! Don’t be afraid to try for a sharp contrast in colors, like a combination of pastel colors top and bottom. 

Dark Skin

Dark skin tones provide some real opportunities to have fun with color. 

  • Go for black. Black is a great color choice for all skin tones, especially when used in combination with other colors. If you’re dark-skinned it’s an even more dramatic look. 
  • Pastels and bright colors work for you. Be bold and don’t be afraid to try some fun color combinations. 

Your Workout, Your Colors

There you have it. When you’re buying workout shorts, other pieces of workout gear, or any other articles of clothing, it’s really about what you want to wear, not about what passes muster with the style council. 

Fashion is evolving beyond flashy shows of clothing and beginning to concentrate more and more on what’s going on underneath. If you’re taking care of your body and seeing to your fitness, the discerning view will always see what’s really going on. No amount of flashy labels will create that impression!

Buying Quality Workout Shorts

But if you care about the quality of your body, it only makes sense to invest in gear that will let you perform at your best, whether you’re doing reps at the gym, grabbing a morning coffee, or coaching the kid’s soccer team. 

Gym shorts are one of the staples of your athleisure wardrobe, so you want to get the maximum mileage out of them, both in terms of quality construction and in terms of versatility and adaptability. Look for these key features when you’re shopping for quality workout shorts. 

  • Opt for technical fabrics that manage moisture. Cotton just won’t cut it for running shorts. Look for synthetic moisture-wicking breathable blends that move moisture away from your skin to keep you cool and comfortable when you’re working out. Willy California’s 304 best seller Training Shorts, with its polyester and spandex blend, are a great example. 
  • Embrace the stretch. You want your workout shorts to move with you. A touch of spandex in the waistband is a great feature to look for. 
  • Function rules. Quality athleisure workout shorts are purpose-built to complement your workout or your activity. Into serious training like crossfit? Go with a minimal pair of compression shorts with a supportive liner. Heading to the grocery store? Opt for a pair of Bermuda running shorts with a convenient side pocket or two. If you play volleyball, then buy volleyball shorts. If you're into cycling, buy a nice pair of high waist biker shorts. If you're constantly by the pool, then you need some drawstring terry shorts. If you're into skiing, then you might need some warm high-rise leggings. If you love yoga, then you may need some dri fit yoga shorts. 

Dress for Performance, Dress for You

While you want to create a great impression with your color choices and choose colors that work well with your natural hues, remember that the primary function of your bike shorts and other athletic shorts is to provide a comfortable fit that improves your performance and keeps you comfortable. Choose quality performance activewear, and then let your individual taste guide you!